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error 12006 I'm all out of ideas *cry*

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Didn't think I'd have to do this considering all the topics currently open with the same problem(s), but I'm started to get both desperate and utterly frustrated.

Lo and behold, the result of my latest attempt of uninstalling/reinstalling the game:


It's been the issue that i've been trying to fix for days now, but no luck thusfar. Despite all good suggestions from people who did manage to get it to work and were so kind as to share, none have been successfull sofar in my case.

Try the following.

Download >this< file and the files attached to this post.

And then please follow these instructions:

Once both have finished downloading, follow these steps:

  1. Install the launcher to your computer
  2. Close launcher once it begins downloading.
  3. Move the BCAB to the installation folder
  4. Move the tool and the version.dat to the installation folder
  5. Run the BcabExtractor Tool.
  6. Done!




Currently retrying, but first attempt left me hanging at 19.3gig downloaded of the 31.8(downloading through FireFox). Hope it doesn't happen again. 

Step 1: Go to your Account page and re-download the installer.

Step 2: Run the installer, it will ask if you want to uninstall, click yes and let it finish.

Step 3: Go to the folder in which BDO is installed, typically C:Programs x86/Black Desert Online

Step 4: Delete both bin and bin64 folders as well as the log folder. LEAVE THE "Paz" FOLDER!!!!

Step 5: Create a NEW folder in C:Programs x86, I suggest naming it "Black Desert Installation" without the quotations. 

(Create a folder by right-clicking your mouse and moving your cursor over "New" to extend the menu. Here you will see the option to make a folder.)

Step 6: Run the installer from your downloads that you used to Un-Install BDO

Step 7: Change the installation folder to the folder you just created

Step 8: Once the Launcher is installed let it run, when it says it is downloading close out of it.

Step 9: Go back to the ORIGINAL installation folder and right-click and cut the "Paz" folder.

Step 10: Navigate to the folder you created where you are currently installing a Fresh Copy of BDO and right-click and paste the Paz folder in place.

Step 11: Go to your Desktop and right-click the launcher, move your cursor to "Run as Administrator," and click, a User Account Control prompt will appear on the screen, click yes.

Step 12: BE PATIENT. The Launcher will now download a SMALL amount of files even though it says it will download 31GB. You will see EXTREME download speeds as it is not downloading but finding the files in place.

Step 13: The Launcher will once again proceed to patch and it WILL hang up on that dreaded 56% for about 10 seconds, and then continue!!! 

Step 14: Enjoy the WONDERFUL world of BDO!!!


Let me know if this helped you guys out!!!!

Tried it twice now, still a nope. 

At this point, I'm quite despondent now that the realisation is sinking in that, unless someone from Daum gets back to me on this issue(I've done everything they suggested in support thread to fix it), I might never be able to play it. That, or someone gives me the fix that I need to get past this annoying error that I can't seem to shake. 

Thanks in advance for your efforts.

Don't know if it'll help, but adding DxDiag printout aswell. Just to be safe.


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