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NA Server Location and How the Ping Works In Black Desert Online

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Posted (edited)

I don't know why people from Countries that the game isn't for is complaining or commenting on how NA players are complaining... When I play a game in another country not meant for my region I don't complain about the lag/my ping because it's nowhere near me. I can understand Canada because they're actually NA, but AUS/NZ to NA servers instead of EU is just dumb to try and compare to someone in NA on that's on the other side of the country from the servers. I don't mind 100~200ms ping when I play half across the world but I shouldn't be getting 100+ ms from across the country in this game when it's never been like that for any other whether West/Central/East. The lag is so bad that I get put my ass by bosses because I see them and I attack in one spot and then they're behind me after a few hits.

Seriously? Telling Aus/NZ to connect to EU? And your calling us dumb? NA caters Oceanic players until a possible Oceanic server mate. Even companies like NCSoft say that for their games so why not this? Plus we are closer to NA than EU, Ping to EU is 400 ping and NA only 220-250. You guys need to stop thinking only about your country sure the server is labeled NA but the game is going to cater to more than just that country, Did you not even see all the countries that can play(aren't ip banned)? Not everyone outside NA/EU was IP banned. Seriously I'm having a decent time in the game with my ping and you guys are sitting there complaining about 100ms! Seriously?!?!? I would kill for that latency. Also Oceania/SEA never gets there own games as NA caters to us already.

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haha ping...

if I can play FROM CHINA that has the most annoying firewall of all time (with North Korea maybe?) plus rather crappy connections THROUGH a VPN to LUXEMBOURG to play on Netherlands EU servers that's about 8000km ... back and forth ...and still get 200-300ms ... I don't see a problem about a west/east coast issue which should be max 3000km.




I think that one of the reasons we have issues with ping over a shorter distance in the US has more to do with the routing tables.  While I understand that not every government invests in an internet infrastructure, ours leaves the entire hardware backbone to individual ISP vendors and the government just leases IP banks to the ISP.  So, we get modern, fast connections and backbones through the east and west coast.  However, where I live in the Midwest, many of the communities are rural, and don't have the resources for the latest and greatest.  For example, the maximum speed I can get from the one ISP that serves my area is 1mbps down and .5 mbps up.  When an east coast person has a hop that goes through my local potato router the rat on the wheel has a hard time keeping up.

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