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[NA] Excavation Incorporated

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Korra Chen | Signas Estelar


Excavation Incorporated has a legacy of performance on heavy, civil projects in many sectors. With our office in Velia Town, we are strategically located to respond to projects throughout our region. Since our inception in 282, Excavation Inc. has grown its fleet of equipment and team of experienced individuals into a well-respected business. During our year in both the private and public sectors, we have completed a wide range of complex projects. Our resume reflects a diversity of projects that includes commercial & industrial site preparation, blackstone digs, research and transportation of goods. Our clients include numerous private funders, general populace and municipalities. The most difficult projects with the most demanding schedules are where we set ourselves apart from the competition.


Some things we focus on as a company are Excavation operation, Treasure Hunting, and Trading Convoys which are inherently hazardous, with possible cave-ins, heavy equipment mishaps, suspended loads, raiders, thieves, pirates, and wild creatures of greater size, creating potentially unsafe circumstances for employees. While the Safety and Regulation Administration of Calpheon, or S.R.A.C., has developed specific safety rules and standards to help protect employees, mere compliance with a standard does not guarantee safety. Other factors are at work that can have an impact on job-site safety. Further information on major safety factors in trenching and excavation operations, Treasure Hunting, and Trading Convoys and how best to maximize their impact on the company can be obtained by contacting your nearest E.I. customer service office, or send mail to Velia Town's administrative office.

A recently established company headed by Korra Chen as Overseer and Signus Estelar as Logistics Lead. The company’s primary focus was discovering, investigating and excavating Black Stone digs. This was soon expanded further to include treasure hunting, acquiring historical artifacts and trading the uncovered, valuable goods.

The company is looking to expand even larger and is reaching out to more established groups and organizations to create larger ties and more opportunities. This in turn will make a better advantage and environment for our employees. Or what most employees like to hear, increased wages and quarterly bonuses.

“Get big quietly, so you don’t tip off potential competitors.”

At this time, Excavation Incorporated is headed by the Overseer and the Logistics Lead. As the company grows and more employees, of the the non-goblin variety, join more positions of authority will become available. Every new recruit joins in an entry position, after a period of time their performance and skills will be evaluated and they will subsequently be promoted to a full-fledged assignment at Excavation Incorporated.

The available positions are as varied and diverse as our potential employees. To successfully complete every project from start to finish the company needs people from all walks of life.

- Scholars
- Guards
- Linguists
- Traders
- Laborers

Make sure to join early for this grand opportunity, employees showing interest and eagerness for their work are noticed and will be rewarded.


“Delegating work works, provided the one delegating works, too.”



Excavation Incorporated is a Medium-Heavy Roleplaying Guild. This means that, as a guild, Roleplay is our main focus. Despite this, we do welcome PvX of any kind as we want to enjoy the full extent of this game like anyone else.

Our roleplay is story-driven with an emphasis on character development. We have goals to work collaboratively with other guilds to create roleplay for the community as a whole and hope for a truly immersive experience.

We are looking for mature roleplayers, preferably over the age of 18. Younger applicants will be decided on a case by case basis.

We are hoping to have a fun and exciting active guild and enjoy this game to its fullest! If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to reach out to Korra or Signus, or visit our website.


“If we knew what was there, we wouldn’t have to dig.”



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What server are you guys on?

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What server are you guys on?

Hullo! We're on [NA] Orwen and usually Calpheon 2 

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