Treant Costume (Ghillie Suit)

By Yablo in General,
Okay so a while back someone posted a thread on the Treant Costume also known as the "ghillie suit", in that thread it was being speculated if the ghillie suit should be: removed, changed or left like it is. In this thread the following arguments were used to defend the costume in how hiding the player name does not give an advantage (or atleast not big enough to be called unfair or p2w).

The first one was from Yule(this is not meant to put you on the spot Yule, your post generally made me hope that you were right)
He/She said that when a player wearing a ghillie and attacks you, your party member or a guildie, his/her name becomes visible.
I took some time got someone from another guild who was willing to punch me (suprisingly not that many applied) and looked to see if Yule was correct.
Unfortunately neither when receiving or dealing the hit does any name being shown, however this does bring up the second point wich was used to back up the costume.

When a player in a Treant Costume has enabled PvP either by flagging up or by a guild war he glows red. Some say that it's enough to show a player equally visible as a player without a ghillie, others don't. I myself think that the costume does very well give a direct advantage in a pvp fight, especially when the opponent is playing a highly mobile class.

So to bring this discussion back to life I wanna ask, what do you think of the Treant Costume?
Do you think it affects PvP enough for it to be unfair?
Do you think it is fine how it is?

If you could change something about the costume to make it better fit in what would you change?


Possible ideas to change the costume: "Have some sort of downside to counter-balance how horrible it is to target someone in a suit, like decreasing defense. As it stands, the advantage is distinctly clear and the suit just imposes itself if you're to take PvP seriously in this game, because it doesn't become just a scouting/ambushing tool, it becomes an any-situation tool."

"Show nameplate while engaged in combat. That's all that is really needed. A way for it to be purchased without pearls would be a good addition."

"The Ghillies could have their own separate durability from your armor (still easily repaired) but much easier to deplete. Say 500-100 damage and your shrub suit is in shambles and no longer hides your name plate. intuitive solution, slash up some poorly slapped together shrubs tied to your armor and it should lose its effect."

Flares are currently not available in the game and for that reason are not seen as a good way to counter a player in a treant costume.
Update: you can aquire 9 flares a day doing quests, 9x a day you can counter a ghillie player.

First hand experience of using a flare
"Flare this flare that, but nobody talks about how useful they actually are. The range on them is terrible. To actually get it to work you need to be around arms length from the person. Not useful at all. Having been double teamed by two players from RedFace guild in ghillies while i was out soloing for my Dailies. I was at first enraged by this, and vowed to buy a ghillie suit myself to become THE HUNTER!!! Only to realize that the Ghillie suit is actually a great way to avoid griefing since would be griefers cant see your guild name they opt not to grief you as they may make the mistake of griefing their own guildmate and thus facing the wrath of their officers."

Possible to release counter for the costume (for visual tracking)
Somewhere before the release of mediah a "3D tagging system" is supposed to be released allong with the auto-path system.
info from Alleyne (read about it on the 11th page).

If the red glow is visible to you but not to others please try to understand that not everyone plays on your settings or has your eyesight.
This red glow seems however not visible on a negative karma player and will fully hide their status, aswell as any normal player in a GvG will have both his name and the glow. Source
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