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Extra Guess Passes Needed

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Hello Daum and Devs.

I have a suggestion to allow the players to help guilds get members and give players a chance to experience the game.

1)Many players have been burned by the MMO industry for years, Some are leary to try a new game at launch due to a large majority of bugs which I feel we do not have.

2)I propose a shortened pass system for players cutting the pass down to 3 days so they can use it for a shorter period of time and use it when they will have more time available.

3)This will accomplish allowing players who are on the fence to preview the game up to an early level of play but not reveal to much at the cost of Daums system resources.

4)Introduce a pass system that rewards players who recruit through the pass system to get a free pass or two(3 day version) for free on every purchase of the game from a trial account.


Currently I have recruited 2 players from the pass system and for sure 1 purchased it. There is no reward on my end for it and it may need to be left that way in order to prevent things like titles etc. being abused by multiboxers. I am simply suggesting rewarding recruiters for the game to  get some extra passes so players are able to recognize the guilds/players that want to help and have a wonderful experience in game by playing with more quality players that will purpose some loyalty to the guild from the helpfulness of it.

I think this system would be very fair and I think it should be very easy to track codes as I am sure you know who is giving their codes out and then track the code as either a purchase or a quit. I would almost go as far as thinking 1 pass per IP   unless then mac address on the nic card themselves are different as people are not likely to change that info by purchasing a new one.


I hope you will consider this idea in the future once you have the proper things smoothed out and the majority has been helped which are experiencing difficulty unless it is cause by a less than minimum requirement pc.


Thank you.

---Ninjerd @ Edan

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No sorry, currently the server is "in warning mode" because of gold seller

It will only increase if they give out extra guess pass

Tracking IP is useless .. they can just use VPN and switch to another one later

You know that make the guess pass shorter will do nothing to stop/lower gold spamming right? they just need 1 day so why reduce it for other who actually want to try out the game longer?

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I believe there is a game pass thread on the black desert subreddit. 

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hi srry to intrude but i was woundering if anyone still had a guess pass at all by any chance ...

im looking for a guess pass for my brother who i want to get hook on this game but he still not entirely sure

weather or not he will want to play this game but i want him to any ways...

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