Multi-Gaming Community <Nemesis Asylum> Recruiting LvL 56+

By Judgementos in US Guild,
<Nemesis Asylum> is Omni-Content multi-game community and is focused on its members. We work hard and play hard as we are a more age mature guild and time is important to us, making us a job and family friendly community. Our community is full of great committed members looking for you to take a chance on, and join the fun! We have a very diverse group of players and because of that we require that are members respect each other when interacting, toxicity will be removed as this is a Community not a Guild. We like passion and embrace it so if you are a passionate player looking to have fun playing games with a fun friendly community we are the guild for you.     Things we offers: A great community to be part of including connections with other great communities.  A constant source of PvP via Node Wars and GvG's  Large amount of Naval Content, we have 3 guild boats (technically 4)  A built in PAYOUT structure that reflect personal accountability built into it, NOT through contracts. Most of all the PvP Buff's plus +1 Fishing     Requirements to Join: 1. Must use Discord voice chat (Being Social IS a requirement) 2. Must be 18 or older (exceptions can be made on a case by case basis) 3. Must be respectful to other members  4. Must be LvL 56+ (So we know you know something about BDO) 5. Pass our MANDATORY interview process!       To Apply: Contact any of my officers or myself in game and ask to join Otherwise leave a comment or send me a forum message.   DeadlyCrusade, GM of NemesisAsylum
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