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Guides, Tips and Advice, Oh MY! ;D

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This is going to be a collection of Guides I have found, putting them all in one place for easy finding.


Found all this guide by Jacek "Ramzes" Winkler gamepressure.com, thought id share.


Black Desert Online Game Guide & Walkthrough

Black Desert Online Game Guide

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Jacek "Ramzes" Winkler gamepressure.com



Black Desert Online Game Guide & Walkthrough (1/13)next page

Black Desert Online is a game developed by the Korean-Based Pearl Abyss, which can boast somewhat unusual graphics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Black Desert Online is a game developed by the Korean-Based Pearl Abyss, which can boast somewhat unusual graphics. This game is slightly different from other MMO-RPG games, and this guide will instruct you through all of the aspects that you encounter during the game. This text has been divided into two parts, thanks to which you can easily find items of your interest. The first pages constitute a basic description of the game, i.e. PC controls, character creation and a short description of available options, markings on the map and description of the interface. Here, you can find interesting information on the world presented in the game, which is going to serve as an introduction into the game. The next chapter includes description of game's mechanics. Its sub-chapters describe your character, the world that you are going to explore, available activities and quest walkthroughs. These descriptions present more complex issues connected with the game. Thanks to them, you can start performing a given activity that has previously remained a mystery, without any problems. In-game activities have been divided into several smaller sub-chapters and that describe each one of them. The next part of the guide has been devoted to combat and skills. In Black Desert, combat is different from what you are already familiar with, from other MMO-RPGs and it is focused on combining skills and targeting the opponent, which gas been described in detail. The following chapters provide descriptions of guild creation, or activities available for multiplayer communities.. The last two chapters have been devoted to crafting and upgrading of your equipment. Here, you find descriptions of interesting issues concerning that, as a general description of how they work. This has been rounded up with system requirements for that game.

This guide to Black Desert Online includes:

  • Descriptions of interface, of the map and of the character creation process,
  • Description and explanation of the game mechanics,
  • Description of all the in-game activities,
  • Detailed discussion of the main character,
  • Description crafting and of the upgrade system,
  • Detailed walkthroughs for each quest and rewards that you receive for completing them,
  • A detailed description of the combat system,
  • Discussion of the technical side of the game.

This walkthrough has been prepared for the beta version of the game (CBT1).

Jacek "Ramzes" Winkler (www.gry-online.pl)

Black Desert Online Game Guide & Walkthrough (1/13)
Show/hide pointer - PC controls - The basics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Show/hide pointer

Help - PC controls - The basics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough


Knowledge - PC controls - The basics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough


Inventory - PC controls - The basics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough


Summon Black Spirit - PC controls - The basics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Summon Black Spirit

Chat - PC controls - The basics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough


Character information - PC controls - The basics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Character information

Skills - PC controls - The basics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough


Map - PC controls - The basics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough


Dyes - PC controls - The basics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough


Process - PC controls - The basics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough


Guild - PC controls - The basics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough


Mailbox - PC controls - The basics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough


Friends list - PC controls - The basics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Friends list

Special reward - PC controls - The basics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Special reward

Quests - PC controls - The basics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough


Move - PC controls - The basics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough


Camera controls - PC controls - The basics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Camera controls

Attack - PC controls - The basics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough


Special attack - PC controls - The basics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Special attack

Change camera elevation - PC controls - The basics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Change camera elevation

Character creation (3/13)next page


Character creation process in Black Desert Online - Character creation - The basics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Character creation process in Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online has an advanced character creation system, which you can match with any requirements. However, there ids a limitation though, which makes it impossible to create your character from a scratch, unlike in, e.g. Fallout 4. The number of hairdos has been severely limited (especially when to comes to male characters) and there are only several predefined faces available. It may seem as though this rules out diversity, however this is not the case here. The system here puts an emphasis on face modification. There are three types of sliders available and each one modifies the character in a different way. The basic element is the three-dimensional system of coordinates, i.e. height, width and depth. You can combine this with rotating the image that affects, mainly, slant and the spin of an individual axis. Remember that these are three-dimensional modification and, if you want to modify depth, you need to rotate the character by 90 degrees. After you have defined basic facial features, you can proceed to the looks modification window. Here, you find options to modify eyes, lips, hair, facial hair and ears. Each of the options provides a wide array of modifications. For example, you can change not only the color of irises, but also shape and size of pupils.

After you have defined facial features, you can proceed to defining the character's body build. For obvious reasons, there are more options available for female characters, which translates directly into diversity. Body build definition is based on the same rules as in the case of face creation. There are several types of sliders here that you can use to modify, freely, the body of your character. Also, you can find predefined sets here. After you have defined your body build, you can proceed to defining the clothes. There are few, predefined, ones here and you can modify them freely with dyes, during the game.

The next step in character creation is selecting your constellation. This helps you, later into the game, contact NPCs in order to receive influence, or obtain special rewards which are available for that activities only. To learn more about the Amity System, i.e. the system of relationships that you enter with NPCs, see further chapters devoted to in-game mechanics. The final option is predisposition, i.e. the voice of your character.

The interface (4/13)next page


The GUI - The interface - The basics - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough


The interface has been divided into several parts and it is very intuitive. Here, you find all of the necessary options that you can freely modify in the game options menu. At each moment, you can disable elements such as the minimap or quests. Below, you can find a short description of options included in the interface:

Number 1 has predominantly been devoted to your character. Here, you can find your current level, icons showing your progression or information on rewards for your actions in the game world. The first line specifies the number of skill points that you can spend. Therefore, you do not need to keep accessing character options to look this up. The second line provides information on your vital statistics and the third one, the contribution line. Underneath, you can find options concerning mounts, workers and pets.

Number 2 has been entirely devoted to chat. You can modify freely its size or the contents that is displayed. At any point, you can define your own tab that divides chat into separate channels, which is helpful when you are a guild member or a can member.

Number 3 is your health, mana and stamina bars. Below the bars, you find your skills that you can freely modify in the skills menu.

Number 4 is a minimap. You can modify its size and set rotation options. Below, you find options that that display the required markings, or provide you with notifications of you equipment quality.

Number 5 is about quests. You can modify the window at any moment, which translates into the world map. In the quest options, you can specify which ones of them are to be displayed on the map. You can choose from combat quests, health quests, crafting quests, etc.



Map - Serendia

The basics - Black Desert Online Game Guide

Strategy Guide and Walkthrough by Jacek "Ramzes" Winkler gamepressure.com


Black Desert Online - Map of Serendia

Wild Horses
Black Desert Online: Serendia
Heidel City
Velia City
Moretti Plantation
Wild Horses

Black Desert Online - Map of Serendia

prev pageMap - Serendia (5/13)next page


Description of Black Desert Online - Map of Serendia


Wild Horses

Key points of Black Desert Online - Map of Serendia





The map in Black Desert is very vast and it has been divided into several regions. The above map presents Serendia. It is here that you start your adventure and learn the basics on moving around the map or hunting grounds. The above map presents the way to perform your first steps in this sprawling world. It has been marked for hunting grounds, areas to make money in and quest areas. Quests in Black Desert have not been scaled to match your experience level. This means that after you complete one quest and receive another one, your experience level may be too low for you to complete it. The difference between your and the monsters' level is defined by the difficulty of combat. Therefore, if your level is too low, go to the area on the map, where you can gain some experience, and start hunting monsters you level up. The map has also been marked for important villages and cities that it is a good idea to go to.

Heidel City - Heidel is the main city of Serendia. Here, you find everything that you need, i.e. auction house, merchants of all sorts of armoring, cooks and trainers. In Heidel, there is a well-developed network of transportation nodes, which you can connect with roads, gates, plantations or villages. This will generate various bonuses for you, while you are trading in your goods. To learn more about trade, see the chapter devoted to that topic. The map has also been marked for areas where you find wild horses that you can capture at any moment. To learn more about this, see the chapter devoted to mounts.

Character development (6/13)next page


There are various was to develop your character - Character development - Main character - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough

There are various was to develop your character

There are several ways to develop your character in Black Desert Online. Of course, the most important way to do so is level up. Apart from your character's level, there are three levels of crafting or activities connected with life, (such as fishing, physical training or trading training).

Character's main level - The main way in which to increase your character's level is by killing monsters. Due to this, quests that you complete do not reward you with experience for completion and they hinge on killing as many monsters as possible. However, this is not the only way to level up, because you also gain experience from fishing, or training peripheral skills. However, the number of experience points that you receive from that is too low for you to make it the main way of obtaining experience. The map has been marked for areas, where you can hunt for monsters and, as a result, level up quickly.

Life experience level - Life experience levels are levels of gathering, fishing, crafting, cooking, alchemy, mount training, hunting and trade. You level up, in each one, separately, while performing activities connected with them. For example, if you are trying to catch a wild horse, you receive experience to mount training. The higher the level of this skill, the higher the bonuses that you receive. Hunting becomes easier, you can gather more food and you catch fishes of better species.

Training - Training is yet another system that you can develop in the game. These include physical training, breath and health. For each level of strength training, you will be able to carry more in your inventory. At any moment, you can equip overloaded backpack and carry it around with you to train this skill. Your breath hinges mainly on your stamina. The more you swim (not necessarily underwater) or run around the world, the higher the level of this statistic. Higher levels provide you with better stamina and, which follows, greater distances that you can run/swim without stopping to "catch your breath". Life is the last category here. You increase its level by eating and drinking. Just like in the case of other categories (e.g. fishing or trading), health, and eating/drinking can be combined, which provides you with higher levels of two separate categories, at the same time. After you have increased life, your maximum stamina/health go up. This way, you can take more damage before dying.

All of the categories that you can level up can be viewed in the character window. Also, areas of life have been ranked, so players can compete between each other. For this, you receive titles that make you stand out in the crowd, and there appears an icon over your characters head, which specifies the position that you have finished at. Each of the abovementioned areas has a leveling system that you can additionally increase with special items. Such items are, of course, an investment, because they cost lots of silver. You can obtain some of them only by improving relationship between your character and an NPC. Such items, for example, are special fishing rods and outfits of traders and cooks. Each of the items also provides you with a bonus. Usually, this is a bonus to experience in a given area (of 5-10%). However, you can wear such items only after you have reached a sufficiently high level in that area, which is why it is impossible to use them during the first encounters. Such items are sold by the Luxury Vendor, whom you can find in every major city.


Skills and points (7/13)next page


Skills window in the game - Skills and points - Main character - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Skills window in the game

In Black Desert, you deal with various types of points that help you explore the game world and foster communication. Such points are called ability points, contribution points and energy points.

Ability points - You need ability points to buy your character's combat skills. You receive those points, mainly, from killing monsters. Therefore, not only do you increase your character's main level, but also gain ability points. You can also receive them as a reward for completing specific quests (usually, ones from the Black Spirit series of main quests). There is no limit on the points that you can obtain and it is recommended that, at any point, you have several/dozen or so spare points of this type, ready to distribute. When reaching the next level, you unlock more often much better) combat skills, which cost much more than usually. If you do not check out at which level you can unlock a given ability, you can mistakenly spend all of your combat points and you will have to collect them all over again, to buy a stronger one. To check out how many skill points your character currently has, you simply need to view the character skill window.

Contribution points - Contribution points are a system of points that you receive for favors that you do NPCS. Also, they contribute to the expansion of the system of nods between locations to increase the level of trade and making money. For contribution points, you can rent special equipment that is impossible to find anywhere else. During the game, you will meet various NPCs that will provide an option to rent equipment. This may be weapons. Armors, jewelry or even workers. The main way of obtaining contribution points is completing side quests connected with each area of life. There is no limit on contribution points, but after you reach the level of 300 the rate, at which you score them drops. For completing quests you do not receive contribution points but experience points, which make up the specific contribution point. You spend contribution points, mainly on establishing nodes. Since nodes are not too cheap, you need to pick connections between cities carefully. If you have bought a connection, but you do not return to that city anymore (too high level, no more quests), you can receive back the points that at no loss and spend them elsewhere. Nodes directly affect commerce and selling/buying prices of special items offered by trader managers. The last feature of contribution points is that you can spend them on access to homes that you can adapt for workshops or kitchens.

Energy - Energy is yet another "currency" in the game. It is not a currency per se, but an additional system. You spend energy on minigame in which you obtain knowledge and improve on relationships with NPCs, on theft, shouting on chat, on assigning workers to tasks, on gathering, and on management of nodes between cities. You obtain energy mainly for completing quests and gaining knowledge. It needs to be pointed out that this is not the only way of generating it, but also of increasing its maximum level. Regeneration of energy is automatic, around every three minutes per point.

Equipment and inventory (8/13)next page


Inventory window in Black Desert - Equipment and inventory - Main character - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Inventory window in Black Desert

Just like in other MMO games, in Black Desert plays a vital role during exploration and completing quests. After you start the game, you find out that your access to the inventory is limited and the rest of it is blocked out. You receive more slots in the inventory by completing quests.. For the quests (not all of them, though) you will be receiving special items that expand your inventory. However, they do not increase the weight limit, which is an important aspect of collecting items are banks and storages. You can increase the weight limit that you can carry via training your strength that has been described in the chapter devoted to character development. While collecting items, keep in mind that also your money has its weight.

You can remedy that with banks and storages. In each city, there is an NPC, who can store your valuables or your money, at a small price. Each such NPC provides you with a specific storage space. The important issue is that storages that you visit in the game are not connected with each other. This means that if you deposit your item in a storage and you go to another city, you will not be able to retrieve your items there.Therefore, it is important to remember where you have stored your items. However, you do not need to return to that specific city to receive gold. At any moment, you can have the storage manager send items to the storage that you pick. Also, you can arrange for such a transfer yourself, if you have the skill for that, the mount and the vehicle. By default, in each storage, there are eight slots that you can use. You can increase this number with special items that you can buy from storage managers. Also, you can use space in your house to establish a storage that you will not have to pay for. You buy houses from Node Manager for contribution points. In any case, if you have your items delivered elsewhere, you need to pay. The amount of the payment depends on the distance between the cities and the node connection. The most important matter is to connect nodes. IF you do not have any, the payment will be several-fold higher than in the case of an existing connection.

In Black Desert Online, unlike in other RPGs, items are not ranked. Also, you cannot craft weapons or armors. All of the sets of items have been predefined and there are no restrictions for wearing them. While picking the sets of weapons, or armors, there is only one rule. The better the defense/attack attribute, or bonuses of that set, the better it is. You can enchant majority of armament with crystals, which enhances the value of that item automatically.

General information (9/13)next page


A basic mount in Black Desert - General information - Mounts - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough

A basic mount in Black Desert

Mounts in Black Desert Online are the only means of transport around the vast world. In the game, there are no teleporters, which is why it is a good idea to consider buying or catching one.

Buying a mount in the game is not limited in any way and the only thing you need is the money. A regular mount (tier one) is 50 thousand gold pieces, which is by no means a small amount, especially at the beginning of the game. You can scoop out for bargains on auctions run by the other players. To check out the prices of mounts, go to the nearest stable master and pick the auction option. Prices are predefined which means that the developers have defined the bottom and the top thresholds of prices that can be demanded. Prices drop with time and after more mounts appear in the market. Keep in mind that higher-level mounts are more expensive and you may have to fork out, as much as 400 thousand GP. Mount that you buy becomes yours for good. You can level him up, but not his tier. Higher tiers of mounts only applies in the case of wild horses that you can catch, as well as for auctions, for which you can put them up.

Another way of obtaining a mount is catching one. In specific locations in the game world, every time interval (around 2-4 hours) several wild horses appear (1-3). Areas in which they appear have been marked on the map of Serendia. The mounts vary in tiers, between first and fifth. To catch a mount, you require three things. At least fifth training level, a lump of sugar and a rope. You can buy these from the stable master and obtain the level by catching wild horses (outside of a quest), and for riding a donkey (a quest that you receive in Velia). It is arduous to level up to level 5 without a horse, but the reward is proportionately high.

Mounts have their own statistics that differ from each other, depending on the mount tier. While exploring the game world, it is important to leave your mount far away from areas infested with monsters, because the horse may die and you will lose him irreversibly.

Taming of mounts (10/13)next page


A minigame of taming a horse - Taming of mounts - Mounts - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough

A minigame of taming a horse

Taming happens in four steps. The first one is to develop your training by riding a donkey that you can obtain for completing a main quest in Velia. Also, make sure that your main level is 20 or higher. The second step is to buy ropes and sugar. You can buy them from the stable master in every city. If you want to save money, you can craft sugar (lump of raw sugar) with cooking. You simply need to combine raw sugar with cooked water and heat the ingredients. Depending on the level of your ability, the number of ingredients that you are going to need is different. It is recommended that, at the first attempt to tame a horse, you have around 20-30 ropes and around 10 lumps of sugar. The third step is to find the area where wild horses appear. On the map in the General information chapter, you can find two areas in which horses appear. The fourth step is to complete the minigame of taming the wild horse. At first, the minigame is an ordeal to complete, and if you start it without the knowledge of the strategy, you use up all of the ropes and sugar that you have in your inventory.

The minigame of taming has been divided into two main parts. Below, you can view a chronological list of steps, thanks to which you grasp the rules:

Red crosshair signifies a wild horse - Taming of mounts - Mounts - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Red crosshair signifies a wild horse

1.) The first step is to identify a wild horse. After you target the horse, if you notice that your crosshair has turned red, this means that such a horse can be caught. After you have identify the horse, prepare your supplies. Equip the rope and carry it over to the quick bar at the bottom of the screen, thanks to which you do not have to access the inventory to find it. The important thing s that you neither come up too close nor stand too far away from the horse. The best method is to approach the horse with your rope active. At the moment, at which your crosshair goes red, take 2-3 more steps ahead and throw the rope.

Taming minigame - Taming of mounts - Mounts - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Taming minigame

2.) The second step is to complete the minigame. After you have taken your aim and thrown the rope towards the horse, the minigame window pops up. IT IS IMPORTANT that you do not start the sequence of taming the horse after this happens. Instead, wait for the horse to stand on its rear hooves and then press the button on the screen. Your task now is to fill the meter that is moving to the right. During the struggle, the horse will try to break loose and if you stop pressing the button, the meter drops and you fail. While tensing the rope, the horse will not raise his hooves again (fight), which is why you may have to do it only once. If you tense the rope fright after the window pops up, the horse may stand on its rear hooves and break loose. Use the button AFTER you see the horse standing on its rear legs. Another thing you need to remember is the distance between you and the horse. If it is too great, the horse breaks loose.

3.) The third step is the minigame proper. After you have properly tensed the rope, the horse stands still and you can walk in his direction using direction keys. While you are doing that, the horse may stand on its rear legs, which is a signal for you to stop. If you notice the horse do that, do not tense the rope and wait patiently for him to come down. After that, repeat the action that you learned in step 2. Keep doing that up until you come close enough for message "Give item" to appear. After the message appears, access your inventory and feed sugar to the horse; then try to mount him. Sugar will increase your chances of not being thrown off the horse's back while you are mounting him. However, if the horse throws you off, you need to repeat all of the steps.

Registration of a new horse - Taming of mounts - Mounts - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Registration of a new horse

4.) The fourth step is to take the wild horse to the stable. You cannot use sprint nor jump, which is why you need to plan on a safe road to the stable master. During the way there, the horse cannot throw you off and you do not need to race against time anymore, which is why you should avoid dangerous zones with monsters in them. After you get to the stable, unmount your horse and register him with the stable master. In the first window that pops up, you find some of the information about your new mount. You are especially interested in information on the tier of the horse. If you have caught a horse that does not conform with your needs, you can put him up on an auction immediately. During the registration process, you can also allot the new horse for reproduction. To learn more about mating of the horses, see the next chapter. At the end of the registration process, select the Register window, where you give your horse a name and check out his performance.


Levels and equipment (11/13)next page


Plotkas statistics - Levels and equipment - Mounts - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough

"Plotka's" statistics

The basic technique of developing a horse is leveling up. By training the mount, you make him faster, more durable and can carry more. To level up the horse, you need to ride him, simply, or perform tricks. The best idea is to catch a horse with a default high tier and level the horse up to increase his performance. While leveling the mount up, keep his wear in mind. You can replenish his wear and health with carrots that you can buy from the stable master in each city. The stable master sells basic types of carrots that replenish the horse's statistics to a limited extent. If you want to obtain better types of carrots, you need to consider buying them at the auction house or grow them on your farm. Development of the horse takes place parallel to your horse training. This means that while riding the horse, you do not only level up your general level and your horse-riding, but also the horse's level.

After you level him up, you can teach the horse special abilities, thanks to which you can travel faster, perform tricks or increase his maximum health. An important element here is the diversity of horses. The ones that you catch or buy may have different abilities. Therefore, it is a good idea to experiment here a bit, thanks to which you ensure the horse with the best set of statistics.

Just like in the real life, you can equip the horse with various items that increase his statistics. These are saddles, flaps, saddle bags and horseshoes. All of these can be bought from the stable master. Such items are usually blocked and the only option is to improve your relationships with the stable master. Therefore, you should play the minigame (Amity), thanks to which you obtain favors. Equipment that you buy at the stables are basic items and you can obtain better ones by completing tasks connected with equipment and by buying them at the auction house.

Fishing (12/13)next page


Fishing in Black Desert - Fishing - Activities - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Fishing in Black Desert

Fishing is an inseparable part of Black Desert Online. Thanks to this, you can not only relax or enter a competition, but also get richer. While you are fishing, your health is replenished automatically. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider fishing when you are low on health. To start fishing, you only need the fishing rod. You can buy it at a low price from a fisherman in virtually any city.. Unlike regular items (armoring) the fishing rod can be repaired. One lasts you for several tens of fishing sessions and, after its durability runs out, you can simply throw it away. To start fishing, you simply need to stand at the riverside, seaside or other patches of water and throw the equipped fishing rod. You are not required to have any bait. However, if you have one, it shortens the time necessary to catch a fish, which translates directly into the effectiveness of the entire process.

The minigame of fishing - Fishing - Activities - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The minigame of fishing

Fishing is all about playing a minigame. If you catch a fish, there appears a fish icon above your head, which tells you to pull. During the pulling process, a window pops up, where you need to hit a appropriate (blue) bar. If you hit the bar filled in blue (the blue bar fills all of the available space), fishing ends in an automatic success. If you hit the bar that is not entirely filled in blue, the game displays a sequence of keys that you need to tap. IF you play the minigame properly, you catch the fish, if not- the fish breaks loose. If you hit the red bar, the fish breaks loose automatically. After you end the minigame, you get to see what you have caught. At this point, you can either accept it(a valuable fish, a stone, a key) or throw it away (an old wellington, net, sock) and continue fishing. Your success depends mainly on your fishing level.

You train fishing by fishing. The more time you spend on fishing grounds the better the items that you catch. There is a price list of fishes and items and you can look it up at any moment, by accessing the inventory. At the initial fishing levels, you will be catching low-quality items and cheap fishes. However, this is not an obstacle on your way to catch something of more value. Making money on fishes consists in selling them to Trader Manager. They re interested in any species of fishes and their price depends on the number of nodes that you have bought. If you, therefore, catch a fish with a price cap of 10 000 silver pieces, you go to the trader and are offered mere 3000 silver (30% of the item's full value), this means that you do no have trading nodes connected with the city. Therefore, before you start selling your fishes, you need to connect nodes.

An important aspect of fishing is also the stocking level of fishing waters. It may be abundant or exhausted. Stocking level is directly connected to time that you need to catch a fish or an item. While fishing, you can also catch interesting items. These are keys you can use to open chests all around the game world, which you can loot for magic black stones for enchantment of items, or the magic stones themselves. It is better not to sell them to the traders, because you can use them for upgrading your gear.

Black Desert Online - system requirements (13/13)


Black Desert Online log on window - Black Desert Online - system requirements - Black Desert Online - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Black Desert Online log on window

Black Desert is fantasy-themed MMO-RPG developed by Pearl Abyss, which has been published in 2014 in Korea. Having witnessed the success that the game achieved in the far East, developers decided to publish it also in the West and on 22 December 2015 the first beta tests finished. The game itself is an absolute piece of art, when it comes to graphics. Thanks to the engine developed by Pearl Abyss themselves, the game is capable of generating a huge world vibrant with life, while retaining low system requirements. Of course, if you want to enjoy the graphics to their fullest, you need to keep in mind the huge requirements, when it comes to the graphics card and the CPU. The game offers an abundance of special effects that you can modify in the way that allows you to reach a compromise between performance and the looks. This guide has been prepared on the first version of the game on the closed beta version CBT1 and many of the problems discussed here may be resolved at the moment of the game's release. This guide has been prepared on the computer with Intel Core i5 4460, MSI Radeon R9 270x GPU and 8GB RAM. Due to the class of the system, it proved impossible to play at the highest graphical settings. The only effect that seemed to overload the system was the "Hi-End Mode" which is now undergoing optimization. Predominantly, it adds lighting and particle effects that have not been that noticeable in CBT1. Hi-End Mode is the most resources-hungry graphic option, which barely yields 25 FPS on a system with Nvidia GTX 960. Since Black Desert is an MMO, to work at the rate of 60 FPS, it requires a CPU unit of relatively high performance (and this means a high-performance i5 second-gen at least, or i7). A big surprise was the fact that even with a high number of players on the screen and dynamically-changing times of the day and weather, the game retained steady framerate. When it comes to RAM itself, the situation is much better than in other MMO games. At the highest graphics settings (including background programs) the allotted amount did not exceed 5GB.

The graphical side is a strong point of the game. However, it has problems drawing objects and shading. This is the so called pop-up, which consists in drawing only a half of the objects from afar and drawing the rest while you are approaching. Not only does this apply to objects and plants, but also to their shadows. This makes to negative experience of the game world. The game does not use the effect of single jumps in the looks of a given object, nor the effect of cascade rendering of shadows, but multiple increasing of detail level. This means that, while approaching a tree, the object constantly changes in front of your eyes. To alleviate this effect, you can enable Improve Distance and set the graphics to Very High, which still falls short of expectations. The important issue of the graphics is also lack of real-time shadow rendering. This means that shadows do not change fluently with the change of lighting and they change in jumps.

Graphical settings have been divided into two presets that have been aimed at high-end systems and ones and the low-end ones. The first preset is medium and high:

  • Anti-aliasing - the graphics option that smoothens edges. The type used here is FXAA, thanks to which it is possible to blur textures and which may b unacceptable for some. This option does not require high resources for proper functioning.
  • Depth of field - this option is responsible for the effect of depth of sharpness of the image. The techniques used here is not too advanced and it has been combined with chromatic aberration, thanks to which colors blend together, if viewed at the right distance. This does not cause overloading the system.
  • Show blood - adds the blood and splatters of blood on the ground. This effect depends on your system.
  • SSAO - SSAO which is the standard technique of ambient occlusion adds realistic shadowing of lit surfaces. This effect has limited impact on the GPU resources. Those of the players that do not have sufficiently powerful GPU units should consider disabling it.
  • Improve Distance - increasing the draw distance is one of the most resource-consuming effect in the game. It uses up the power of the CPU unit, the GPU unit and RAM. This should be disabled for-lower-end computers.
  • Screen Filter - the filter set by the developers that improves the image quality. There are several pre-set filters to choose from, which enhance contrast and color.
  • Hi-End Mode - the most resource-consuming option in the game. This option adds several lighting and particle effects. It is recommended only for the players with high-end computers (GTX980 class GPU).

The options mentioned above are standard ones recommended for all of the players. The game also provides options addressed at the players with lower-end computers. It should be kept in mind that using any of the ones mentioned below decreases the overall quality of the image.

  • Crop Mode - decreases framerate for the animations in the game world, which automatically increases framerate for the entire scene.
  • Upscale - this allows you to render the scene at a lower resolution than the one set in the options, where it is scaled to match the selected resolution. This option causes a boost in framerate for those of the players who own lower-end GPU units. It decreases the detail of the image and LCD owners will be annoyed by the blurred image displayed.
  • Remove others' lanterns/effects - disables light effects and light sources of the other players. Enabling this option boosts the framerate basing on the CPU unit.



Below is credited to: http://www.tentonhammer.com/guides/black-desert-online/black-desert-online-leveling-guide

Black Desert Online Leveling Guide

In this Black Desert Online Leveling Guide we provide you with a list of locations you should visit in order to level as quickly as possible.

Black Desert Online is surprisingly easy to level up in. The vast majority of it involves grinding enemies but fortunately for you, it's fun and incredibly quick. It's possible to reach maximum level within around 11 hours if you know exactly where to go. Thanks to Genchimaru over on Reddit, he has been kind enough to provide us with his leveling path and images of where you'll need to visit to cap quickly. 

Hidel Quarry - Level 10-15 (Imps)


Moretti Plantation - Level 15-18 (Scarecrows)


Castle Ruins - Level 18-21 (Al Rhundi Bandits) 


Glish Swamp - Level 21-24 (Frogans)


Bloody Monastery - Level 25-29 (Cultists)


Orc Camp/Southern Neutral Zone - Level 29-31 (Red Orcs)


Birhagi Den - Level 30-32 (Bandits)


Mountainside of Delphe Knights Castle - Level 30-34 (Harpies)

Abandoned Land - Level 34-39/40


West of Keplan - Level 40-44 (Chimera)


Lake Kaia/Catfishman Camp - Level 44-50 (Catfish)



All info on quests is credited to: http://www.blackdeserttome.com/wiki/Quests

Quest Interface


  1. Display quest type.
  2. Sort by classification.
  3. Show previous guests in the quest chain.
  4. Title and Content
  5. Display in quest tracker window.
  6. Quest Completed
  7. Quest Short Description
  8. Quest Type
  9. Forfeit, Navigate and Move To
  10. Quest Full Summary
  11. Default Quest Rewards
  12. Optional Quest Reward

Quest markers will also appear on the map with a short description of the quest.Mapquest.png

Δ Right clicking the blue circles will auto path to the area.

Quest Progress

As you complete aspects of a quest you will be notified with text at the top of your screen, for example 1/30 Wurms Killed. Some quests will have multiple objectives, as you complete them you will receive a message "Partial Objective Completed", keep in mind that the map marker for a specific objective does not always disappear when you partially complete a quest.


Quest Acquisition

There are several ways to obtain quests: NPCs, Black Spirit, and Guild Quests. All quests will show in your quest log, unless you have a specific filter selected. Make sure to have all quest filters disabled when trying to pick up new quests, as some NPCs will not offer quests of the type you have filtered.


Quest Type

There are seven types of quests in Black Desert:

Q1.png Black Spirit Quest
These are quests linked to progressing your Black Spirit.
Q2.png Story Quest
This quest will reveal more of the main story.
Q3.png Town Quest
This is a basic quest given by any NPC throughout the game.
Q4.png Exploration Quest
These quests send you to find new areas.
Q5.png Trade Quest
These quests are related to trade goods.
Q6.png Production Quest
This type of quest will require to produce a specific item.
Q7.png Repeatable Quest
Quests that can be repeated at set intervals.

Training Strength

Credit goes to: http://www.gameskinny.com/ziliq/black-desert-online-inventory-quest-list-and-how-to-train-strength


Black Desert Online Inventory Quest List and How to Train Strength

by Synzer
Check this guide out for all the inventory quests in Black Desert Online!

You do not start out with much inventory space in Black Desert Online, but you can increase them by doing quests or buying them from the Pearl Shop.

The Pearl Shop costs real money, so you will probably want to get all the free ones from doing quests first. Some of the quests require going through a quest line before you unlock the quest that gives the extra inventory slots.

I will make it easier for you by listing all the quests that give more inventory space, where they are, and the other rewards you might get. They will also be separated into categories to make it clearer. If you want more general help with the game, visit my Black Desert Online Beginner Tips and Tricks.


This guide will go over increasing your inventory space in Black Desert Online including:

  • Inventory Quest List - All the inventory quests and where to find them.
  • Increasing Max Weight - How to increase your max weight to carry more items and tips on doing so.

Inventory Quest List

You get most of the quests from the Black Spirit as you level, but there are other NPCs that give them as well. There are also some situations that require you to choose between 2 quests, so you can only do 1. I'll separate the quests into 3 categories to make it easier, General, Selection, and Black Spirit.

There are a total of 31 additional inventory slots you can add by completing quests.

General Quests

These are just normal quests that you can do for more inventory space.

  • Experience of the Ancients - No level requirement. Grants 2 inventory slots and Contribution experience.
    • NPC - Edan
    • Area - Ancient Stone Chamber

Black Desert Online Inventory Quest

  • Crio and Starfish - Requires level 9 or higher. Grants 2 inventory slots and 2 energy.
    • NPC - Crio
    • Area - Veila
  • Military Power in Heidel - Requires level 12 or higher. Grants 2 inventory slots and Contribution experience.
    • NPC - Jordine
    • Area - Heidel
  • Donatt's Will - Requires Freharau quest line that starts at level 17. Grants 2 inventory slots, Knowledge for Purity of the Black Crystal, and Contribution experience.
    • NPC - Cheremio
    • Area - Glish
  • Gift for Happiness - Requires level 39 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot and Contribution experience.
    • NPC - Wedding Bride
    • Area - Calpheon
  • Trent Worker Experience? - Requires level 39 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot and Contribution experience.
    • NPC - Spotty Troll
    • Area - Trent
  • Calpheon Military Representative - Requires level 42 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot and Contribution experience.
    • NPC - Norman
    • Area - Northern Wheat Plantation
  • Keplan, Free of Threats - Requires level 47 or higher, also a quest line. Grants 1 inventory slot and Contribution experience.
    • NPC - Klam Cessory
    • Area - Keplan

Selection Quests

This section shows multiple quests, but you can only choose one from each set. Once you complete one of the quests in each category, the other quest in the same region will be unavailable.

Western Guard Camp Selection
  • Jarette's Headache - Requires Gathering level 4 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot and 2 Energy.
    • NPC - Jarette
    • Area - Western Guard Camp
  • Enthusiastic Claus  - Requires level 8 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot and 2 energy.
    • NPC - Claus
    • Area - Western Guard Camp
Veila Selection
  • A Very Minute Flaw - Requires Introduction to Production quest line. Grants 1 inventory slot and 2 Energy.
    • NPC - Sealus
    • Area - Veila
  • Eileen's Request - Requires level 5 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot and 2 Energy.
    • NPC - Eileen
    • Area - Veila
Heidel Selection
  • Puia and the Wooden Box Design - Requires level 17 and Gathering level 5 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot.
    • NPC - Puia
    • Area - Heidel
  • Techthon and Quality Iron - Requires level 17 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot.
    • NPC - Techthon
    • Area - Heidel
Glish Selection
  • Glazed Naga Oil - Requires level 20 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot.
    • NPC - Seilane
    • Area - Glish
  • Injured Adventurers - Requires level 20 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot.
    • NPC - Deborah
    • Area - Glish

Black Spirit Quests

Each of these quests are the Co-op/group quests that involve killing a boss from a summoned scroll. You can solo them, but they are harder than normal quests.

  • [Co-op] Black Spirit and the Giant Imp - Requires level 15 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot, character experience, and 3 skill points.
    • NPC - Black Spirit
    • Area - Veila Beach

Black Desert Online Black Spirit Inventory Quests

  • [Co-op] Here Comes the Goblin Chief! - Requires level 17 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot, character experience, and 3 skill points.
    • NPC - Black Spirit
    • Area - Veila Area
  • [Co-op] Frenzied Alter Imp Captain - Requires level 19 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot, character experience, and 3 skill points.
    • NPC - Black Spirit
    • Area - Heidel Area
  • [Co-op] Frog on Frog - Requires level 24 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot, character experience, and 3 skill points.
    • NPC - Black Spirit
    • Area - Glish area, requires Freharau story line
  • [Co-op] Muskan of Madness - Requires level 27 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot, character experience, and 3 skill points.
    • NPC - Black Spirit
    • Area - Bloody Monastery
  • [Co-op] Org the Greedy - Requires level 30 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot, character experience, Blackstone (Armor), and 5 skill points.
    • NPC - Black Spirit
    • Area - Orc Camp
  • [Co-op] Biraghi Den Keeper - Requires level 32 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot, character experience, Blackstone (Armor), and 5 skill points.
    • NPC - Black Spirit
    • Area - Bradie Fortress
  • [Co-op] Kelcas, the Giant Khuruto - Requires level 33 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot, character experience, Blackstone (Weapon), and 5 skill points.
    • NPC - Black Spirit
    • Area - Old Dandelion
  • [Co-op] Tower Offense - Requires level 36 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot, character experience, Blackstone (Armor), and 5 skill points.
    • NPC - Black Spirit
    • Area - Bree Tree Ruins
  • [Co-op] A Big, Smart Guy - Requires level 40 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot, character experience, Blackstone (Armor), and 5 skill points.
    • NPC - Black Spirit
    • Area - Quint Hill
  • [Co-op] A Large Living Tree - Requires level 40 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot, character experience, Blackstone (Armor), and 3 skill points.
    • NPC - Black Spirit
    • Area - Marni Farm Ruins
  • [Co-op] The Mad Scientist's Vestiges - Requires level 42 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot, character experience, Blackstone (Armor), and 3 skill points.
    • NPC - Black Spirit
    • Area - Marni's Lab
  • [Co-op] Saunil Siege Captain - Requires level 43 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot, character experience, Blackstone (Armor), and 3 skill points.
    • NPC - Black Spirit
    • Area - Keplan Area
  • [Co-op] A Possessed Giant - Requires level 45 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot, character experience, Blackstone (Weapon), and 3 skill points.
    • NPC - Black Spirit
    • Area - Gehaku Plain
  • [Co-op] The Giant Queen - Requires level 45 or higher. Grants 1 inventory slot, character experience, Blackstone (Weapon), and 3 skill points.
    • NPC - Black Spirit
    • Area - Keplan Area

Increasing Max Weight

When you start getting a lot of inventory slots, and money, it will start weighing you down. Once you go over your max weight, you will start to move slower and eventually be unable to jump.

Black Desert Online How to level Strength

To fix this, you'll want to level your strength.You can level strength by walking around with Trade Items. When you buy trade items and travel on foot, you'll get a bundle to carry on your back. Check my Node Management and Trade System Guide for more details.

You can only walk when you do this, so make sure you do not go into battle. It can take a long time to level Strength, but there is a way to level it while you go AFK and do other things.

If you have a controller that you can use on PC, go to settings and game, then select "Use Gamepad".

Now you can move around with the attached controller.

  • Use a rubber band, hair tie, or something elastic to hold the 2 control sticks in position.
  • Point them towards each other and you will walk in circles.
  • Now you can leave the PC to do other things and profit.

This is best done over night or when you are going to be away from the computer because you can't use the computer while this is happening.

That's it for my guide on the Inventory Quests and How to Train Strength inBlack Desert Online. Let me know if you have any questions!


Basics of Crafting, credited to: http://www.gameskinny.com/dva1n/black-desert-online-general-crafting-guide



Black Desert Online General Crafting Guide

by Synzer
Want to know how to start crafting in Black Desert Online? Check this guide out for everything you need to know!

There is a lot of crafting you can do inBlack Desert Online. Things get pretty detailed -- like drying meat out in the sun, grinding items into powder, heating ingredients to melt them together, and more.

Many things can be done anywhere in the world as long as you have the materials and fulfill the requirements, but some things must be done in a house. I'm going to go over the general aspects of crafting in Black Desert Online. Gear crafting works a little differently, so there will be a separate guide for that.

Visit my Black Desert Online Beginner Tips and Tricks for other help with the game.


This guide will go over general crafting in Black DesertOnline including:

  • Crafting Basics - How to start crafting, the different ways you can craft, and what you get for it.
  • Cooking and Alchemy - How to do cooking and alchemy beyond the simple version in the production tab.

Crafting Basics

How to Start Crafting

You can start crafting when you get to Veila, pretty early in the game. Make sure you have all quests checked. Press O, then click on all if it is not highlighted. If you only want the crafting quests, just check Life and Fishing.

The chief, Igor Bartali, starts you on your crafting quest journey. He gives you a quest to talk to Zaaira, which teaches you how to gather with a Butcher Knife, and one that leads to the Innkeeper. The Innkeeper teaches you the basics of Simple Cooking and Alchemy.

As long as you follow these quests and go to the other NPCs they tell you to, you'll experience each of the general crafting quests. Again, if you want to make sure you don't miss any, only select Life and Fishing from the Quest tab.

Below are the different ways you can craft:

  • Shaking - Mix different materials to make new items.
  • Grinding - Makes powder and juice items by grinding materials into powder form.
  • Chop - Use firewood you get from chopping trees to produce other items.
  • Dry - Dries items in the sun, such as fish, to produce or preserve items.
  • Thinning - This is used to thin powder ingredients to receive any items that may be hidden.
  • Heating - Heats and melts items to produce new ones.
  • Simple Cooking and Alchemy - Makes restorative items by combining ingredients.

You can do more advanced cooking and alchemy by buying a residence house and placing cooking and alchemy tools inside.


Gathering is also important since you need materials before you can craft. There are multiple ways to gather and you need to a tool equipped for most of them.

  • Hands - You can simply gather with your hands if it is from certain plants or crops. You can also use a Hoe.
  • Butcher Knife - This is used to get meat from dead animals.
  • Pickaxe - This is used to get ore and minerals from certain rocks.
  • Tanning Knife - This is used to get hides from dead animals.
  • Lumbering Axe - This used to get firewood by chopping certain trees.
  • Fluid Collector - This is used to get animal blood or sap.
  • Empty Bottle - This is used to gather water along the beach and from rivers.

Tools cannot be prepared, so you'll have to buy more when they break.Gathering also takes about 20 seconds normally, so you'll want to increase gathering speed from food buffs or gear if you plan on doing a lot of gathering.

Cooking and Alchemy

When you install the cooking and/or alchemy tool in a house, you can begin the real cooking or alchemy crafting.


Cooking allows you to make foods that give temporary buffs to stats, such as increased HP or increased Gathering Speed. You can mix up to 5 items for cooking, though you don't need to always use 5. The amount of each ingredient is also important when cooking.

Black Desert Online Cooking

When you successfully cook a dish, it is recorded in your list for you to look back on later. You can select Help from the ESC menu, or click the ? when in the Cooking menu, to bring up the in-game help to list several things you can craft and the ingredients needed.


Alchemy works like cooking, but it can make potions and magic crystals. This is very helpful for keeping your potions stocked and putting crystals in your equipment.

That's it for my General Crafting guide for Black Desert Online. Let me know if you have any questions!

Originally Published Mar. 2nd 2016


Below is credited to: http://www.blackdeserttome.com/guides/viewtext?id=1 

and LegacyGG

List of Contribution Quests by LegacyGG

List of Contribution Quests





  • Bothersome Rabbit 
    • Find the rabbit behind the north stables.




Southeast Section

  • A Happy Ending for Everyone 
    • Talk to an NPC on the NE section. Can turn in later.
  • Moon Pearl  
    • Gather some Moonpearls in the flowerbeds nearby and return to quest giver.
  • Stringy Herb    
    • Gather some Stringy Herbs in the flowerbeds nearby and return to quest giver.
  • Motivated by Envy  
    • Pick up the Fabric nearby the quest giver. 
    • You will click on the fabric near the banquet tables in the Southeast quadrant.
    • Click on the noble woman nearby until the quest is complete.
  • Cleaning a  chimney?  
    • Climb the stairs in the building across the street and hop on roof.  Click on the chimney.


Southwest Section

  • Making Ends Meet. 
    • Grab a chick nearby and give it back to the quest giver.
  • Fine wine for a Banquet.  
    • Pick up a wine barrel nearby and carry it to the banquet tables.
  • Handle the Noble Convoy.  
    • Walking towards the banquet tables you’ll find Guards glowing blue click on them.
  • A Whip and a Carrot.  
    • Click on the banquet tables to grab the food. 
    • You will deliver this in the NW section.
    • Click on the food in your inventory. 
    • Then click on the protesters until quest completes.
  • Defamation is Prohibited.  
    • Walk down the street and to the left. 
    • Click on the glowing blue protester and escort him back to the quest giver.
  • Propaganda in Calpheon. 
    • Pick up the book that is in front of the door.
  • Chirp Chirp. 
    • Go to the farm.  Pick up a sack of chick feed.  Click it in your inventory  and feed the chicken.
  • Unruly Lamb.  
    • Click on the guy next to the NPC to get the Greens, walk up the street next to a lamb. 
    • Click on the greens. 
    • When the lamb gets close, click on the lamb. 
    • Return it  to quest giver.


North Section




  • A Tough Boss to Please.  
    • Pick up a crate and carry it to its destination.
  • Chimney Cleaning.  
    • Climb on roof of building across the street and click on the chimney with black smoke.
  • Trouble at the market.  
    • Grab the kid that is running around  Escort him back to quest giver.
  • Food for the Plantation.  
    • Grab a bag of grain and give it to quest giver.
  • Another Chimney to clean?  
    • Climb on the roof and click on the chimney.



List of Town Based Quests that give Skill Ponts by Lord Onichan:http://www.blackdeserttome.com/guides/viewtext?id=12




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I can't seem to find Puia after accepting the quest to cut down logs and  getting the logs. any idea why? if i try tracking to her nothing happens either, have reloaded UI and relogged multiple times.

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Very nice guide.  Must have spend a lot of time on it. 

I think you should consider hiding each page and letting people click on it to open it.  That way people won't have huge loading times and having to scroll endlessly to navigate the through the guide cause it's currently huge and will likely get even bigger as you update it..

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I've never thought that my work will be posted here. Well... it's free on our english website so... thanks for posting my name at least, and not copy-paste to make it your own.

Cheers buddy ;)

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