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By Shadowcoder in Suggestions,
Hello, i really like chatting with my guildies in games, so a good chat is a must for me personally. After playing the beta for several hours I got two suggestions for improving the chat: More Characters! The limit of characters in a single message is very, very low and makes it hard to write full sentences. I suggest to extend the character limit per message by at least 50% to give users the option to write full sentences instead of multiple text fragments.Every textbox in the internet and in almost every application has the feature to allow users to press Control and use the arrow keys in order to quickly jump between words. I use this alot and would love to see it added to BDO.Another minor improvement: Allow users to press Control+A to select the whole text they wrote. This is useful for copying text for later reuse.Other great additions (credits go to Biggz!): The character limit is annoying, as others have noted for their various reasons. If I were an RPer I'd probably be extremely annoyed by this, but even just trying to chat with a friend via whisper last night was annoying due to the character limit.The wonky whispering mechanic. I just want to be able to type /w <character name> or <family name> and have it go through, not have to deal with this strange tabbing business.Whispering to a friend took my character out of combat stance, which is unacceptable.Whether this is due to the keywords-to-emote animations feature or not, I don't know, but holy hell is it ever annoying.The transparency of the chat window needs to be adjustable. Not just when you're mousing over it, but all the time. Players need to be able to glance at chat and read it as they're doing other things when they can't press CTRL in order to activate the mouse cursor.Chat font size needs to be customizable. It should go without saying that we should be able to comfortably read chat, whether because of monitor size or vision issues.Chat channel/function colors need to be customizable. We all come from a variety of other games and while we understand there are a lot of new things to simply get used to in BDO, for some of us, blue will always be party chat color! One feature I found extremely valuable from Guild Wars 2 was the /wiki function that opened up a browser window to whatever search term you entered in following the wiki command. Considering the depth and complexity of BDO, I think such a feature would be welcome.Chat logs need to be downloadable for the security and benefit of both players and the game's developers and publishers.Standard text-related keyboard operations such as CTRL plus arrow keys, HOME, END in combination with SHIFT to select should be a matter of course.Alert sounds when being whispered or for other notifications (customizable by the player) would be helpful.I don't know why there is some kind of secondary messaging window that is separate from the chat function, but it's clunky and doesn't seem to work well. It says there are alert sounds but not once did I hear them.
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