Poor donkeys can't have fashion...

By Nighenhale in General,
I love my donkey (no, not in THAT way, you pervert! ), he's strong and I like how my short tamer looks on him, but the saddle is ugly so decided to dye it. I found it weird that I could not select donkey gear in the dye menu, so I equipped the saddle on a cheap horse I bought (accidentally sold my T3 horse I got with the game ) and gave it a better look. However when I put it on my donkey the saddle turned back into the basic version without the dye changes I made! My donkey is black, are the better saddles perhaps in dark leather or something? That would at least make it look better on him since it seems donkeys are not allowed to look good in gear... Yes I know, not a big issue for the vast majority of players. I just found it weird.
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