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Game unplayable - FPS stutters and freezes ("Solved")

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Posted (edited)

I've come across several threads with the same issue as my own but so far I've not encountered a single solution nor a response from the devs to aknowledge the problem.

I'm aware my laptop is currently not the most excellent to be running a game at highest GFX with high FPS, and it's not what I'm looking to solve either. Nonetheless this exact same problem has been occuring with others who play on a much better rig than myself too. So I really would appreciate people to refrain from commenting "Get a better laptop" because I KNOW that is not the issue here.


Before the patch last week I ran smoothly and could enjoy the game, granted I was running on 20 fps but it didn't stutter nor freeze ever. Then the patch came and despite all my efforts the game was on 7 fps and froze every 3-4 seconds down to 0-1 fps. Not only in crowded areas, but also in the middle of nowhere when I wasn't doing anything at all. So I'm sure you can imagine that combat and pretty much anything else has been impossible.


Now, the things I've tried thusfar:

- Played with the settings to see if anything increases fps - Nothing made any change, not everything on minimum, not going on medium, not even fullscreen/fullscreen windowed ended up making any difference. Not even an increase of 1 fps.

- Checked my drivers, made sure they were up to date and even did a clean install on them.

- Repaired the game client.

- Went into Catalyst Control Center to ensure everything related to BDO was set to high performance (Note: My AMD GPU does NOT show in the options to select on the launcher either)

- Played around with compatibility options, turned them on and off, swapped around

- Turned Vsync on and off.

- Pushed the game to accept the full 60hz on fullscreen.


I have not done a clean install of the game itself, seeing that I could not find anyone who had done that with any result either.

Now after today's patch I can't do anything anymore. Most of the time the game crashes the moment I try to log in on a character, and if it eventually DOES it instantly staggers down to no FPS and makes it all the more impossible to do anything. I was on a guestpass for a week to test the game before perhaps buying it, my time has now ran out and I can only check if ay fix I try has any result by logging the SO's guestaccount. Once that runs out there will be no way for me to see if I can play the game, meaning that I'm not very inclined to throw money at it without knowing for certain that I can even play tolerably.


I'd attach a Dxdiag screen for more information but it doesn't show my dedicated GPU on there anyway. I've got a laptop with an integrated Intel HD 4000 and a dedicated AMD Radeon 7600M, the laptop is 2 years old and has had its issues over its time but this is getting ridiculous. I keep my machine clean and make sure to not clutter it with nonsense. Regular scans and cleanups as well as a system restore every few months to wipe all programs off and install everything fresh.

Either way, I KNOW the laptop is not the problem considering that I played the game without any of these problems untill the patch. Many of you may not find 20 fps acceptable but I was surprised how smooth it actually was in BDO, it didn't cause me any gameplay issues and I was thoroughly having a blast, I really want to be able to play like that again because aside from these incredibly frustrating problems that I've been trying to fic for hours every day, the game is amazing. And I would LOVE to be a part of it for more than just the week I had.


If anyone knows a way to help me, I'd be forever grateful. Or if the devs could finally show their heads and aknowledge the problem many are currently having to at least give information as to how/when/if it'll be solved to allow me to atleast show they're doing something, that'd be great.


I apologise for the massive wall of text but this is frustrating me to no end.


Since I got desperate I've done a clean install of windows. (The one where you keep your files) and the game is back to running as it used to. I don't know what happened after that patch or what caused it but atleast I've found a solution, drastic as it may be. I suppose for people out there who experience the same problem it may be worth trying if you've got the patience to sit through installing everything on your PC again.

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