Territory of Service

By PM_Belsazar in News & Announcements,
Dear players, To answer your inquiry about the IP block of areas outside our territory license agreement with Pearl Abyss, we’d like to give a proper statement about this matter. As our Terms of Service point out, our territory license agreement with the developer Pearl Abyss is limited to the following areas: Europe Excluding Turkey and part of RussiaNorth AmericaCanadaMexicoUnited States of AmericaIn other words we will not provide service to players outside of our territory. Pearl Abyss hinted their interest in targeting markets such as Turkey, South America or any other region outside of our service territory via different channels. Therefore opening those markets to Daum Games Europe, means a conflict of interest with Pearl Abyss. We do not have any information about their concrete plans at the moment. We recommend to wait for further news in the future or to contact Pearl Abyss through their website. Thank you for your understanding. Best regards - Black Desert Online Team -

As many of you keep asking: Yes, it will be possible for either EU and NA players to chose the server of their liking (NA or EU). 
However, for obvious reasons (latency), we recommend to play on the server that is assigned to your area.  
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