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Updates and Changes. Please Read.

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First of all I'd like to start off by saying congratulations on such a great game. My friends and I are having a great time. 

Though I'm enjoying this game, I do have a lot of issues/ideas that I have discussed with friends and have seen videos on the internet where people have similar issues. I think these fixes would make the game a lot more enjoyable, though if you don't agree with my fix, please realize that there are real issues that should not be ignored. I have wanted a new MMORPG for so long and really think if these few issues were addressed, that would be it. These fixes with keep the charm and heart of the game but really help the game progress.

I'm going to keep it simple and clear with bullet points. Please support these idea if you agree.

Player Viewing Distance - PVD and Player Texture Distance - PTD
What I mean by player viewing distance is the distance that you can view other players. When entering a city or a populated area, the lag/latency is, well not great. My friends with less powerful computers have some real issues. We discussed this for a while and brought up a great idea. Guild Wars 1. They had this great system where the viewing distance for characters was adjustable from 5 foot, to something like 50 foot. I'm sure in some cases you could hide other characters all together. Now I get why in some cases this wouldn't work great in BDO with PVP, Siege Battles and guild wars etc. So I have a few ideas on how to fix this.

  • You should have access to PVD anywhere in BDO even in PVP if that is your choice, there could be a option to tick, disable when pvp is enabled. That way you have no disadvantage.

  • To help with lag/latency in PVP or even in PVE you could also have a similar concept to the PVD with another idea I have which is Player Texture Distance or PTD.

  • Now PTD works similar to the games current texture distance (where the closer you get to a object, the higher the resolution of the texture becomes). I could be wrong but I think the current texture distance only works the environment, if so I still think we should be able to adjust the texture for characters at the distance we see them at. So for instance your friend could be a one foot away costume could be 4k texture (or whatever the highest resolution is for these textures are) and 10 foot away it could be 512 pixels. I love high quality textures but if you have 20 buildings, with 50 people with 50 horses, the game begins to lag and rubber band. This needs to be addressed and I think these two simple fixes could easily take care of a lot those issues. 

Pearl Shop

If I'm lucky enough to grab even one of the employees of BDO attention please don't look away. I get that your company needs to make money, you are a business first I totally get that. But you seriously need to rethink the cash shop. I praise you that you are selling cosmetics only, really that's great, but you need to implement costumes in game. Here are a few ideas I have.

  • Trading silver for pearls, now you guys have probably already thought of this and I personally suggest you do it. Sooner than later for a number of reasons.

  • When a game becomes buy to win, the game dies very quickly. I'm going to use guild wars 2 for the example. This game was instantly pay to win, please look at the statistics for this game and tell me I'm wrong, but everyone I know left guild wars 2 shortly after realizing this. Now I know BDO isn't pay to win, but we could all learn something from guild wars 2. They eventually made the gems (guild wars version of pearls) purchasable with in game currency. But they did this far too late in the game, like a year or two in but by then everyone had left the game.

  • People I suggest this game too (and that's a lot) say the same things, it's "pay to play" "they'll eventually turn it into pay to win" and so on so forth. So I was thinking imagine if you could buy pearls with game currency. They'd have nothing to moan about and would buy this game. Even if it was like 20 million for a pair of boots, at least they have some goal in mind for end game content. I really think this would do wonders for the game. It will give people things to work towards once they have reached max level.

  • My friends and others on the forms/youtube have taken some serious issues with almost no in game purchasable cosmetics and again i get that you're a business but this needs to be addressed because a lot of people play fantasy games to dress up and have fun, but when they have to spend money to do so, they will take a walk, like they have so many times before.

  • People who have the money can choose to buy the entire costume for how many ever pearls they want, but don't discriminate towards people who have less as this puts a lot of people off from playing this game. Which is a shame because this is honestly one of the best games I have played in a long, long time.

Ship/Wagon Stamina - Sailing Levels

I think just about everyone agrees with this one, just make them repairable. It could be a new stat like carpentry or something, I don't care even if it costs the same materials, it's the time that it takes. I look talk to people and they're afraid to sail because of the health system with their ships. In the spirit of sailing, let me say a few words. To me sailing is freedom, that's what we all want, to be freemen. Sailing around like pirates, finding treasure, fishing and hunting. Not having to worry about building a new ship every single time. I myself feel a little trapped, I sail quite a bit but now my durability is coming down and it's really bothering me and almost doesn't seem worth building another ship. So I have a few suggestions that you may be interested in.

  • Durability and Stamina can both be fixed in port/stables or with kits for temporary patches until you reach port/stables. You can do it yourself or get workers to do it for you.

  • Sailing or ship levels, now others may disagree but I think sailing levels would be a lot of fun and a great feature. With the increase of your level, you can sail faster, have a higher durability, update your ship with new items like a giant net for fishing or even a follower who sails for you so you are free to fish and travel with a friend. And of course ship breading. Only joking. However I do believe the time spent sailing should be rewarded with levels. I have heard rumours that BDO are working on a Sea/Sailing update so hopefully some of these issues will be tackled.

  • The same goes for wagons too, if you had a wagon level, you could have a higher durability, lower cost for fixes and so on.


I know a lot of single players/ duos with agree with me. Remove the lowest amount requirement from guilds to 1. Allow them to complete guild missions by them self or with a friend.

  • A lot of people play these games with a friend or by them self, I again don’t think we should discriminate them. Let them complete single player co-op guild missions. They aren't hurting anyone.

  • If you don't like the idea of single player or duel player guilds allow people to start a league with a minimum number of 1. They will have smaller single player or co-op missions, but it will give them time to play with one another. A few reasons why.

  • Some people don't like being in huge groups, Scheduling is difficult and you can't put much time into a guild, people may want to only play with a friend, but can't do much with each other when the quests aren't exactly linear. This way they can play and schedule league missions. Of all my ideas I'm suggesting this is my favourite because I have joined so many guilds/clans in games with only 2 active players at a time and we can never play together. And a lot of the time I just want to sit, chill and talk to my friend while playing the game. We do this with fishing currently but please bring lower the guild members to 1 so that people can quest together or bring out leagues which can have from 1-5 members. I think keeping on top of 1-5 members is so much better than 300. That's just chaos.

  • 1-5 members in a Guild/Clan/League would also be fun because you could have a 1-1 or 5-5 PVP which is always fun and less laggy. You could also all go hunting together to take down larger creatures. I think 1-5 is the best thing this game could do to allow people to really have fun with one another by having common ground, like quests, monsters, tasks, small guild/clan/league house. I also think it would encourage people to play with one another when you have a smaller number of players. 

  • I think the thing that we're all forgetting too is a lot of people who are playing these games are shy/introverts and feel intimidated by larger groups of people. These people don't have a voice because well. They’re shy. But I know you're out there. I have seen time after time people like this are ignored. 

  • Let me bring the elephant in the room, World of Warcraft. Now BDO and WOW are Apples and Oranges and should not be compared in anyway. But you'd be a fool to ignore some of the positive things that both of these games bring to the table. I think one of the best things wow ever did, was bring out Scenarios. If you aren't similar they were like dungeons/raids but for 3 people. Now you could queue with a friend and the Scenario finder would find another play who was in queue. But for the most part you could finish a Scenarios on your own if you were strong enough, but that's besides the point, the point is, you could play with a friend, now if scenarios were 1/1 or even 2/2 that would have been amazing. But everyone has a best friend. Not best friends, you have friends, or good friends but you have one best friend. I play and have played MMOS for years with my same friends and with my best friend. Yet we are often penalized for being just the two of us on occasion. I want to have the guild/clan experience but not in large numbers, scenarios were infinity fun because no matter what level we were, we could always do something together. Now BDO allows you to do guild missions and that's huge, but when you're one or two people you're missing out on so much. And to be honest it's not exactly fair since all you have to do is lower the guild from three to one.

  • I think BDO since it's not linear, defiantly needs this implemented in the game so you are free to play with your friends in some sort of linear fashion.


  • Give us a little EXP.. so we can worked towards something. I get that energy and Contribution Points are equality important but a little EXP would go a long way. I love questing, it's probably my favourite thing to do, but getting literally 0 exp is really killing me, I want to complete quests and I really don't like grinding thousands of mobs, it's fun but gets boring fast.

  • You could argue that this game and all MMOS are 99% grinding and it's probably true, but I would grind quests which I can't exactly do. Please, add a little EXP to quests. I'm not alone in thinking this.

Class/Gender/Age Locks

Now this doesn't really bother me too much but a lot of people are complaining about it, I get why they're locked, I think I read someone that it was due to the lour of the game. This is all fine and dandy but again, I know people won't played gender/class locked games. I think sacrificing this for lour isn't exactly the greatest thing. For instance, what if a Valkyrie and a Warrior do the dirty, what happens then? What if you could have a Male with Valkyrie powers? It just doesn't make sense to lock anything. Evolution teaches us that it's not the strongest or the fastest or even the smartest race that survives, it's the most adaptable. If these races are to survive, they will have to breed, they will have to adapt, write that into the story and unlock these classes. Like these characters I want BDO to be the most adaptable game, I want it to survive and become the greatest game of it's kind. Please, unlock Gender/Class/Age types.


Too much is too much, figure out a better way. Everything is RNG, mini games, drops rates, enchanting, crops ect. I'm not a mathematician but can't you guys write a better algorithm. I know this one isn't exactly the greatest fix but a percentage drop rate would be a lot better. For instance if you pick a potato and get weeds, you may have 30% chance of getting weeds, if you pick weeds maybe it goes down 1% at a time until you pick a potato.

Item drops rates could be on a drop table for instance..if you kill a boar you have a 90% chance of getting boar meat and a .5% chance drop rate of a Necklace of the Boar. So you could kill the boar 100 times and eventually get the necklace. But, the whole way through it's still RNG, but RNG out of 100% with the increased chance drop rate with every gaining percentage. So it would look like this.

Grey Item 25%

White Item 20%

Green Item 10%

Blue Item 5%

Yellow Item 3%

Orange Item 1%

(Item Name & Orange Rarity)+(RNG 1/100) if failed, increase orange drop rates from current monster class by the orange drop rate which would give us 1% Increase being 2% now and then the RNG can scan 2/100)

I have uploaded a diagram to show how this would work since I can't really explain in that well.

That's all I have now, it's took me a while to write this and come up with a diagram hopefully someone understands.. 

Have a good day and please support any of these ideas if you agree.





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Thanks, I think you'd have to be in the position for the rest of the ideas to make sense or affect you but I assure you they definitely need a work around. But thanks for the comment on the RNG idea. I think this too needs some work around.

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+1 Makes sense! Good ideas and a very constructive post.
I hope the developers are listening to the community. We are the ones playing the game and paying for it... they should improve the game so it is more appealing to the player and not the publisher.

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Player Viewing Distance - PVD and Player Texture Distance - PTD

This would be nice. I have a good computer but crap internet so I play on low graphics to combat lag.

Pearl Shop

Trading silver for pearls. While it sound nice to us players, would most likely not work in a business sense. Silver is easy to get, you can farm mobs or fish and make millions quickly. Even if you make the transfer rate insanely expensive players will complain about it.

Besides the prices for some items that are seemingly high (20-30 for a costume is too rich for my blood) I think BD has the cash shop right. The items aren't pay to win, many that have good effects are obtainable for free (see; inventory increases, weight increases, potions for more energy (obtainable with free loyalty tokens with can also be exchanged for good things)). Some of the items that give a bit of an edge aren't completely terrible, like items that give a better chance at obtaining mob knowledge. You can always reset this for 10 energy and try again.

What im getting at is, the company has to pay its overhead. While they will make money on game sales this isn't sustainable for a long period of time (Which i hope this game runs for). After a while you saturate the market and the cash flow becomes a trickle. Without the cash shop or with items buy-able with in-game currency how will they pay for servers and employees?

Also, "at least they have some goal in mind for end game content." I think "End Game" is something BD is working on phasing out. There is no lvl cap, only a soft cap. There are updates planned to catch us up to the Korean version. I think end game is an idea that many MMO's have problems with. Oh, you reached max level? Now you can pvp and work towards some gear that will be replaced in a few months with other stuff (I'm looking at you Tera and Aion). This game is so open world and hands off (The game isn't leading you around with a straight line quest system) it could do without "End Game". From all the MMO's i've played, end game is when the game starts to have problems.

Ship/Wagon Stamina - Sailing Levels

Yes, ships and carts should be repairable using the same materials you used to build them. It should continue to be expensive though, to make players continue in investing in nodes for ship parts.


The guild I'm part of has only about 15 members, and most don't get on much during the week (besides to fish). Usually me and an officer run a gathering quest every other day or so to build up silver and level the guild. It works OK for now.


I'm OK not getting level exp directly from quests, though you get some exp from them. If its a crafting quest, you get level exp from crafting. If its a kill quest you get exp from mobs. If its only a delivery quest then I don't think you really need level exp from that. Im still a low level, just getting to 29, mainly because i spend my time farming, crafting, doing dailies for energy and contribution points, exploring, and fishing.

Class/Gender/Age Locks

Im not really going to say anything about this. I figured there would be a male ranger, there wasn't, which seemed weird, what with the insane amount of customization this game boasts. I just had to come up with a girls name.

Finally - RNJESUS

Though the RNG is strong with this game, I don't think its overly done. I've played lots of games where RNG is designed to ----- with the players, this doesn't seem to be like that.

I'm not sure what their algorithm for loot is, but they do have one. Thats what RNG is, an algorithm by which a random number is generated. As we don't know what algorithm they use we don't truly know if it is TRULY RANDOM or PSEUDO-RANDOM. Now as this is a game I doubt that it is truly random number generator. Why? Because to be truly random the generated must be using a phenomenon that naturally occurs in nature.

PSEUDO-RANDOM is the closest we can get, and it is a lot better than just running some RNG code but it still is not perfectly random. They usually have some pattern that develops, even if its a ways out in testing. Take a look at this for more info on RNG; https://www.random.org/randomness/


Honestly though, without seeing the code, we don't know how its worked out. Possible they do use a system by which a characters kills are counted and if they kill enough mobs their chances get higher, possibly not. It doesn't bother me much after playing Lineage 2 for multiple years... The grinding and RNG in that game is unlike any I have seen from recent games.

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Posted (edited)

Maybe its the mood I'm in but I actually disagree with almost everything argued in this original post. Not that things don't need to be changed but that the argument for why each needs to be adjusted and how that adjustment takes place - I genuinely disagree with most of what is stated.  Kudos to a well written suggestion however it is my opinion that these ideas are nonsensical to the game of Black Desert - though on their own without using a game of reference - they may be good.

Edited by Trixologist

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