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Harpoon Fishing

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I have been incredibly curious about harpoon fishing ever since I hit professional. So far however it hasn't seemed profitable, nor does there seem to be much information on harpooning.

I'm not sure if there are anything like "harpoon hotspots" but if there are, you would make absurd amounts of silver due to the incredibly high base price of near all blue/yellow fish caught harpooning.

In the screenshot below i spent somewhere between 60-90 min fishing in one spot with a couple thick harpoons.2016-03-27_1180321450.thumb.JPG.cebbf897

I did about 53ish casts, and the only thing valuable was the sperm whale, which has a base price of 175k. (the grunts/shard are from earlier fishing)

I can't seem to find any useful info on harpoon fishing, so unless anyone has some useful information as to how harpooning functions, I think I might make the terrible time sink of moving over various spots and seeing if I can find any general patterns, or hotspots. 

I know I have my minimap, and the bar above it out of the SC, but when on the water, there's an icon above the minimap that looks like waves, typically it's shallow water. However I've heard some guildies mention a deep sea variant of the wave icon, but have been unable to find one as of yet. If anyone comes across deep sea, it could either A. Be a harpoon hotspot, or B. Be a decent spot that might yeild more than 1 yellow an hour.

For some reason I am determined to figure out how harpooning works, even tho so far it seems like a waste of time. There seems to be many fish to catch that sell great, and there are titles for them, which I would hope means there's a way to catch them at a decent rate...

If anyone would like to make the time sink with me in the name of harpoon information documentation, feel free to post your findings here

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The other day I've spent about an hour at the outer parts of Epheria (pretty much around the physical border of the map), moving around and trying to look for spots, in about 30 casts I've managed to catch one green fish. Everything else was white. 

Seemed like an interesting concept, but the average spots seem to be far worse than anything normal fishing can offer. The only upside is that I didn't get any trash items (hook, boots, etc), but the minigame itself seems to take considerably longer.

One thing I could imagine is that you might need much higher level of fishing to be able to fish certain blue and green deep sea fishes, but that's just a theory.

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From the small amount of derping around in random locations from what i've noticed so far, if you cast with your harpoon, and the durability DOES NOT go down, you will not catch a fish. Also it seems that areas you can catch in have specific catch rates, it seems like fishing ability has no affect. In the screenshot above I was fishing in an area where I would get a bite every 20-30 seconds, but didnt seem to have an affect on quality obviously.

Im starting to wonder if deep sea areas do exist, and if they do, if they are harpoon "hotspots"?

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