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<<HoF>> House of Festivities (RP+PvX+Craft+Traveling)

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SERVER: Orwen | CHANNEL: Calpheon2
About Us:

Our objective is making an active community for BDO. We'll create markets and festivities where any player can participate.Our events will be scheduled.

IC - related info:
Be sure to fit in atleast one of the Guild Branches:

  1. Mercenaries & Guards
  2. Trader & Marketers & Merchants & Craftsman
  3. Entertainers & Musicians
  4. Patricians & Diplomats (majority of the Guild Leaders job)
  5. Healers & Enginners

OOC - related info:
We are by no means a Hardcore guild. Half of our Guild is contituted by EU side players and the other by NA players.
As a guild we a friendly, small, fun community that appreciates all new players. We will have various moments of travel, trade, roleplay, PvE and PvP (if possible) with the support of eachother and our alliances. Our community is organized in orders/branches and gives also place to smaller groups that decide to create their own clans/parties/familys with closer playmates.
The House of Festivities gives a lot of freedom to our members and their IC characters but also has RP group objectives: making events for the community and keep adventuring forward as a Guild.


Recruitment information:

Players must fit in one of the roles below (You can have more than one job at once and many characters with different jobs).

  1. Mercenaries & Guards
  2. Trader & Marketers & Merchants & Craftsman
  3. Entertainers & Musicians
  4. Patricians & Diplomats (majority of the Guild Leaders job)
  5. Healers & Enginners

We need workers for our monthly Markets as well as Musicians and Entertainers to produce shows. Our diplomats need to prepare and organize the various tournements and contests of our activities, make contracts and plan events(IC) with the delgates in the cities we'll visit. Our guards and mercenaries will keep the events safe and help during our travels.

If you have your own clan/family/friends already and want to join, the guild will accept you:
The guild itself has a background. Each clan/party/family can have its' own background/objective and can make it explicit in the forums and ICly in game.
If you're still interested in joining please go to our Website and fill a Recruitment Form.


History of the Order:

The Median merchant guild was full of riches and valuable goods. Both Calpheon and Valencias' gold were theirs. Media was at its' richest moment. Still, a bunch of merchants from the guild weren't happy. They never joined the Guild expecting it to be opportunist enough to take unique chances from war. Media's children and elderly were happy and fed, but the cities at war weren't.
This bunch of a dozen merchants came together towards Calpheon. Right after they left, the natural disasters deteriorated, losing themselves in desert landscape. For every village they saw during the way to Calpheon they gave their best regards to the people, helped them find provisions or even traded with them worth the little they had remaining.
Many times, long after the money and the goods were gone, they gave entertainment to the sick children and the oldies they met. When the group arrived at Serendia they could only feel happy: they were able to shower, to eat fish and boar, to sleep in warm beds, to be surrounded by living people. They saw opportunity. They could get resources in the wild here. They planned shows all across the lands to help people enjoy life; to help them forget wars and chaos for some time. They weren't affiliated to any nation. They traveled freely enjoying the goods they collected from the towns and people they visited and their smiles. Soon after they arrived at Calpheon they could see that war followed them wherever they went. Calpheon wasn't as peaceful as they thought, neither was Heidel or Serendia. They were prepared to make war for the sake of the black stones. The kingdom of Calpheon bestowed the traveling merchants with the title "The House of Festivities" . The merchants were paid to encourage and liven up Calpheon folk. At the same time, in 273, the war between Calpheon and Serendia was starting, and news from Media went around saying that the city of Altinova was constructed. The merchants fled from Calpheon, living the order ruined. The merchants of Media were never found again after the attack of Ilezra and the death of Variz the II.
At 281, Calpheon parliament establishes the recreation of the House of Festivities; the people are in low-spirits after all the wars and constant instability, there's a need for happiness to be promoted before a rebellion arises. The merchants that present themselves are mostly mercenaries out of hand, not entertainers. The parliament closes the case of overture of the House of Festivities.
In 283 a group of merchants and entertainers arrive at Calpheon. The group makes a proposal to the parliament of Calpheon, asking to be given the title of House of Festivities to themselves, pledging to schedule markets all around, and compromising on performing activities for Calpheon.
The parliament didn't agree, but since a diplomacy was in effect an assembly with a judge had to be made. The group confronted the government laying proof of testimonies, saying that the original merchants of the House of Festivities were not deprived from other cities and nations, they traveled around every country, giving diversion to the population.

The court gave reason to the group and the title was bestow on them. The House of Festivities is from now on a worldwide order!


IC Notices

Code of Conduct:
  • Don't be rude to other members;
  • Let yourself be heard but don't force your ideas on others;
  • Members cannot PK other members (unless there is some RP reason for it and is it previously agreed on by everyone involved)
  • Anyone can create background stories and propose ideas - for their own characters, for events or for their group of players;
  • Avoid spaming guild chat or the Forums (check for threads regarding or similar to the subject before creating a new one);
  • Mercenaries must help merchants/traders during their travels if needed and if a Comissar asks. They can also participate in any PvP events that may be organized.
  • Diplomats must help in the organization of event activities (speeches/tournaments/etc) - all clan leaders or job commissionaires will also have to work as diplomats;
  • Marketers, merchants and craftsman should participate in events at least once per month;
  • Entertainers and Musicians must plan their own individual performances, as well as their activities as a group;
  • Nobody can use Channel/Event/Roleplay chat to sell their products during events - Only Guild leaders may use it to announce events;
  • Follow the Rules of your clan or Job Commissar;
  • Stay active (unless you present your situation to the guild commissars, so make sure they're informed).


HeadQuarters Location:

The House of Festivities has its Head-Quarters based on the central city of Hidel, in the Serendia Kingdom. The city thrives with recently arrived travelers and adventurers, commoners and merchants, bringing new trade opportunities and a place where diverse people cross paths.
Some days the Guild building is abandoned to the poor that take refugee on it's walls. Some other days the guild members reach the city after their long journeys and spend the night drinking hale and the day selling the richnesses they have collected along the way to noble heads or trade with the farmers and other folk. The mercenaries lay around or secretly avail some of the nobles to get good coin on their bags. Musicians play for the children and visit noble houses in exchange for silver.
Later they depart: pairwise or solo, to fill their own pockets. After a few days they allways come back, together on new journeys they depart, only to be back again, weeks later, months, a season. But always with smiles to share to the people of the land.



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I don't know who you are but you have my endorsement! 


(But yeah, best of luck to ya!)

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