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Sorceress PvP and PvE Guide

5 posts in this topic


I made this guide on reddit, post can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/4ck496/sorceress_pvp_and_pve_guide/

All updates will be done there, and not here.



I am here to give a somewhat short but hopefully in-depth guide to the sorceress class in black desert. My experience comes from grinding to level 52,6 currently and plenty of PvP experience in world PvP and duels. I have also read all Sorc guides I have found on english... russian... and korean... many of which are terrible btw. I have also used more respecs than Id like to admit, so I have tried nearly all currently available skills. I wont be covering any specific gear or weapons in this guide with the Mediah expansion coming out, but theres plenty of info on that to be found. And i might add it to the guide later if it actually gets used. I will however be covering some of the stats.

Lets cover the skills first, and skills which I strongly suggest you pick up, so IMO these are mandatory.

  • Flow of Darkness: This skill is great for leveling up to regain mana, it is also great for pvp, you can use it to avoid skills when out of stamina and it also provides +15 evasion for 10 sec on rank 2. (PvP and PvE)

  • Shield of darkness: +13 DP at level 3, constant uptime. There is no reason NOT to pick this up. (PvP and PvE)

  • Midnight stinger: Amazing gap closer, provides 30% crit chance, or 40% with the level 54 upgrade, costs no mana and is on a short cooldown. It also staggers targets, which is awesome. This is a speed attack, so if you time it correctly, you can stagger targets that are rushing towards you and can cancel their skills and stagger them.(like a sorceress doing rushing crow towards you) This is a must have. (PvP and PvE)

  • Black Wave: Amazing skill for PvE, will make grinding a breeze. Id point out that if you are making a pure PvP build then you can skip this skill and save the points for something else. (PvE)

  • Rushing Crow: Gap closer, reduces enemies magic resist and knocks down. Your main skill to initiate in both PvE and PvP. (PvP and PvE)

  • Shards of Darkness into spirit absorption: Getting fragments are good, put points into this and max it as soon as you can. (PvP and PvE)

  • Shard explosion: Well duh.

  • Claws of darkness into Dark Flame: Your bread and butter attack for PvE which leads into your bread and butter attack in PvP, Dark flame. Dark flame also provides guard when executing, so you cannot get hit while doing it.Max max max. (PvP and PvE)

  • Dream of Doom: Your main skill to unleash black spirit energy. A good skill to deal tons of damage to a large group of mobs or players. Its a good initation in PvP since it provides a knockdown. I do however think the mana cost is a bit too big to be spammed in PvE, but overall its a great skill. (Mostly PvP, some PvE)

  • Night Crow II: Great skill to move around the battlefield, very impotant skill to have. (PvP and PvE)

  • Bloody Calamity: This skill is great, with night crow its an instant cast. Deals decent damage and returns health to you, great for saving health pots in PvE or turning a fight in PvP. (PvP and some PvE).

  • Dark Armor and Dark Maneuver: These skills are ofcourse important and should be maxed as soon as you have all the skills that you use and need, at the level you want them.

I will now cover other skills that are good/useful in PvP, These skills are not used much in PvE and especially not if you have Black Wave.

  • Signs of agony: A ranged stun that you can go straight into a knockdown from (not the other way around afaik), great for PvP and especially catching pesky rangers.

  • Ultimate Shadow Eruption: A great skill for knocking down one or multiple targets, looks badass as hell and can also be used in a combo purely for its damage. remember, even if you miss the shadow eruption, you can still re-target and hit with the ultimate.

  • Abyssal Flame: Long range knockdown that gives health back, very good for sustain in long fights and ofcourse the ranged knockdown. Remember, taking this skill slightly changes your playstyle if you like to do double dark flames ( not that i recommend that anyways).

  • Scattering Shadow: I think im one of few who love this skill. Maybe because I, like some other people have realized the importance of accuracy. This skill costs no mana and gives you a 6% accuracy increase, which is good on its own and incredibly useful when you can get it into a combo. You dont even have to hit a player/mob to get it. Not to mention that if you actually hit it, it can float the target and set it up for a combo with the next skill on the list.

  • Crow flare into Beak kick: I personally love this skill. Reduces targets attack speed by 15% AND reduces its evasion by -9. Its damage is superb and if you hit a floating target the damage is even better. It can counter targets who are casting.. which also increases its damage AND it has a knockdown. Are you drooling?.... I am.

Not so good skills that deserves a mention:

  • Darkness released: I currently dont use this skill, since I have enough knockdowns and with the CC immunity this skill just isnt worth it IMO. AFAIK knockdown and knockback shares the same CC immunity (atleast from the little testing ive done). This skill can be somewhat tricky to hit on mobile classes in PvP. So all in all, I dont think this skill is worth investing points in if you have the other knockdowns mentioned, but if its possible to knockback targets that are knocked down... then sure, its good.

  • Sinister Omen: This skill gets a lot of praise in many of the KR/RU forums, and honestly I dont really understand why. It provides very little damage and can easily be avoided. Im assuming this skill was praised during the time where you could chain CC people. At best its a little extra damage and slow in fights where you engage first or in duels, with the potential for some good debuffs should the explosion hit the target. But for the most part it just doesnt get used. The cast time is too slow to use it if you get engaged on (unless you are really tanky and can take a combo to the face). So I would not put points into this if you still havent gotten points into the other skills.

Ultimate skills:

Keep in mind that some of the ultimate skills doesnt really increase damage, but allows you to use it to cancel animations. So theres not really any point to put points into all of these. The exception here is shadow eruption, where the ultimate actually provides a great follow-up attack. TBH you only really need one ultimate, and midnight stinger ultimate leads into eruption of guilt which IMO is a very important skill to have. So I wouldnt recommend putting points into ultimate Crow Flare unless you have the points to spare or really know why you are doing it.

That covers the skills, lets quickly go into important stats:

  • Casting speed: Should be your main priority, it affects almost all of your most used skills. Some people have told me claws of darkness works with attack speed, and im sure there are other people out there who think the same. Thats not true, there are plenty of posts out there of people who have tested it. I have tested it aswell, and it scales with casting speed.

  • Critical strike: This should be your second priority. Our burst and squishiness means we need to kill our targets quickly, critical strike helps a ton and boosts our damage by a huge amount, +5 critical strike with the 40% passive critical strike chance should make your crit on nearly all your attacks.

  • Attack speed: This should be your third priority. There are only a handful of skill we have that scale with attack speed, so few its not even worth investing points in. The only reason why I wouldnt completely disregard this stat is because of a rumour that it increases the speed in which you gain Iframes from nightcrow. This is hard to test and I havent really bothered with it. Short version is, I wouldnt take casting speed or crit down a point to gain a point in attack speed.

General Info:

For those who doesnt know what Iframes are, its when you are mid "teleport" for example while doing night crow, you will be untargetable, and cannot be hit with spells, hits or AoEs. (invincibility frames). its pretty much our main source of defence, as we are fairly squishy.

When it comes to combos im not going to list any. there are plenty of "secret combos" that you can easily find by using the allmighty google. But for other combos, be creative. We have many self buffs and debuffs that can be included to boost our damage for a kill, or provide debuffs to our target. Making good use of our air attacks, staggers, counter-attacks and speed attacks will really be what separates a good sorceress from a decent sorceress in PvP fights (especially 1v1). ATM I am seeing a lot of sorceresses, me included, burst someone down within a knockdown. But against decently geared players, with enough DP, fights can go on for quite a while. And in world PvP, with potions this becomes even more true.

The sorceress class is a great 1v1 duelist, with enough CC and burst to make anyone shiver. We can burst classes down and have so much mobility and sustain that we can survive long duels with tankier classes and eventually drain them down. Its a hard class to play well in big scale PvP, but if you are sneaky/clever/skilled enough you can completely anhiliate any backline and win the fight for your team.


Ill go into a few useful things to know regarding rotations. In PvP rotations change quite a bit, but for PvE atleast, keeping your crit buff up with midnight stinger, your AP buff with Shards of darkness and evasion buff if you are about to take damage is very important. As soon as you hit 30 fragments you either want to be reapplying your AP buff or killing a group of mobs with shard explosion, this will return mana. With a simple grind rotation and remembering this rule of not letting 30 fragments sit there for a long time, you can pretty much grind forever without the use of mana pots. Clever usage of flow of darkness for the evasion buff and blood calamity for health regen, this is also true for health! So grinding for hours on end with only a few health and mana pots used will save you a ton of silver in the long run. I know rangers who spend 200 pots on a grind session, while ive used 5.

General reply to, "Sorceress are OP" posts:

Sorceress seems very OP early game because of one thing and one thing only, the complete disregard of accuracy, and the fortunate event that Yuria, the best in slot item currently (pre mediah) has accuracy on enhancement. This means that until people start getting 130+DP, the accuracy from yuria is enough to counter their DP values. This again means that Sorceresses, a bursty assassin type of class, can stack AP on every other item and destroy most classes in a single combo. And since most people have prioritized enhancing their weapons before their armor, this has pretty much been the case until now.

Once people start going beyond 130 DP, the accuracy from Yuria just is not enough. So sorceresses have to give up AP from either accessories or their offhands to be able to reliably hit their target. Sure, they will still be very bursty and can still combo people, but fights will no longer be over within the course of a knockdown.

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Looks nice but it's funny how you post one of the most useless skills on top... For this amount of Stamina it is almost always more worth to actually dodge with actual dodging skills and not this one inch sidestep. Regain mana with Q or even Sinister Energy or its melee version.

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flow of darkness is bad yo

get shards by hitting enemy, if under 10 secs, wait for explosion, otherwise keep popping that q. use pots when needed.

on any decent mount of enemies you should build 30 shares in about 3-5 seconds at most. this is with maxed shard line.



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Posted (edited)

flow of darkness is bad yo

get shards by hitting enemy, if under 10 secs, wait for explosion, otherwise keep popping that q. use pots when needed.

on any decent mount of enemies you should build 30 shares in about 3-5 seconds at most. this is with maxed shard line.



I mainly use Flow of Darkness II when grinding so I don't have to use any mana pots at all combined with using Shards of Darkness III. Flow of Darkness II also has its use in PvP as it adds +15 evasion for 10 secs. You can anicancel the Q skill by using Flow of Darkness beforehand which will add those 10 seconds of +15 evasion while giving you mana and +30AP.

Edited by Drekon

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Posted (edited)

Many good points, but Abyssal Flame is terrible for PvP. It's diabolical. It's absolutely shocking. Its damage is severely nerfed for PvP and it does no knockdown on players. Also it breaks Dark Flame after a (backward) Night Crow. One to move into that bad category

Flow of Darkness is very useful for the Evasion buff (not damage). I cancel Q with it if I need my mana/AP buff, or cancel it with Stinger to get my Evasion bonus as I gap close.
Scattering Shadow is a pro tip, but landing any form of Air Attack combo requires plenty of practice, quick fingers... and luck. 

Crow Flare I have not played much with, I reserve judgement.

Edit: A few more things I disagree with...

- Dark Armor and Dark Maneuver are extremely cost inefficient. To avoid until you have upwards of 800 SPs and have maxed all the skills you find useful
- Scattering Shadow is good like I said but you mention it costs no mana. It costs stamina instead, which is an extremely important resource for sorc (i-frames) that we have no potions for. It would have been better for us if it cost mana, in fact.

Edited by Maulkin

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