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feedback CB1 Feedback - What to expect & changes

CBT1   118 votes

  1. 1. What did you enjoy most about BDO CBT1

    • The daily CM team events
    • Horse riding/taming
    • Leveling/Grinding
    • Combat
    • Trading
    • Fishing
    • Social/RP
    • Darker Nights
    • Not sure

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Posted (edited)

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great CBT1 and got to dig your heels into what the game has to offer. I'm sure most of you know, but this is only the tip of the ice-berg when it comes to classes and content.

In this post I will be going over my experiences with CBT1 while highlighting some things I liked, and some things that could be changed.

My Experience

To start the adventure I decided to play a Tamer (See the picture below) I didn't go into much customization this time around because... well... i've done it before on the KR version and didn't want to waste any time with a character that was going to be deleted anyways.


The leveling experience is very typical to a normal KR game. Grind... grind...grind... that is, if you want to level up quickly. But that isn't all BDO has to offer. In addition to the combat, pvp (At later levels) and economy, there is a lot for you to do even sub level 30. 

When I started this CBT I didn't want to go for leveling, because I knew I would be spending a lot of my time grinding to the highest level available. Instead I decided to go for a different goal, and that was to tame and raise horses. But in order to do that I needed to make some money. So for a while I spent some time fishing in order to get the funds needed to raise about 20+ horses. 

To do that I decided to fish, when you're first starting out it was the best, quickest, and easiest way to earn money. Most of the fishing spots were depleted and I needed to find a way to make money quicker, people were going to start to out level me. So... after a good 3-4 hours I finally figured out how to make a raft.. there was a lot of trial and error involved. The game didn't spend much time teaching me how the worker and node system worked, but I knew it was important. 

FINALLY after figuring out how the node system worked, and having some workers in Velia, I was able to create a raft and sail the open seas for fish. (See spoiler)


After gaining some 300k from fishing I went out and started to tame horses. Mind you i'm still fairly new to the game. Up until this point I have just been riding around on a horse leveling it up to get my training points. First I tried to figure out where I could find horses in the world. I'm not sure how many of you know this, but the game actually has a map filter that will show you where various things are in the world. Note though that it's a totally different map than the one you get from pressing 'M', and I don't have a screenshot of that (yet) sorry!

So I used this map to find various locations where the horses spawned. It was pretty apparent when I tamed my first T5 horse that many people didn't know about this location, possibly because it wasn't ever showed to them how they could even find it.

After A LOT of time riding and taming horses I started to climb through the ranks and eventually began to reach rank 1 in training. (See picture below)


Literally.... I spent almost all of my time running around. Better yet I rarely used auto pathing (Which is probably why my rank was so high) It took me about 2 days after launch to really start training horses, so I was at a disadvantage... I needed to constantly be there and keep my horse running at full speed.

Work did get in the way for a bit (I edit videos on YouTube) so I had to stop playing for a bit, which made me have to play catch-up when I got back online.


Overall the horse taming experience was a blast. The only complaint I have about it is the fact that none of my horses ever sold because the price of them was way too high. My T5 horses were defaulting to 400k+ minimum. 

Now then! That's what I did the whole CBT1

If you're interested here are some screenshots from the Lantern Events that the CM team did (Thanks for that guys it was a blast)


Things I feel need to be changed 

Alrighty! So there are a few things I thought needed to be changed after playing the CBT1. 

- Archer (Character Class) The Archer's damage seemed to be very low compared to the other classes.

I found Archer to be very fun, and possibly the class that was the most fun for me. However their damage compared to other classes is almost laughable. Now then, that being said their damage may get better at higher levels, but speaking from the experience I had, archer needs some kind of damage buff to stay competitive with other classes. To give an example; if I was killing 5~ things with pretty much any other class it would take let's say 5 seconds. If I was killing the same 5~ mobs with the archer, it would take about 10 seconds. 

Now that's not only because of the skill set that I have, even killing 1 monster is a notable difference. Now some people could argue that I had no idea what I was doing with the class compared to the others. But in all honesty I feel like I understood the archer class more than the others, and the others STILL did way more damage in comparison.

- More guidance for new players

I didn't suffer from this too much. I still had to learn most of the mechanics myself during this beta, but I have played the KR version and had a small idea of what I was doing from the start. For players new to the system I feel there isn't enough there to help guide them along. (Yes I realize this is a sandbox game :P) 

When it comes to things like Node management and training I feel like there could be more to tell new players what they are, and why they're important. I've already noted this in my survey, but I think it would do every a great justice if you were to code in a new screen that pops-up giving people information about these things, or at least code in a trigger that will bring up the help menu with that information there already. 

- Experience gain (How fast you level) 

From past experiences it seems that the leveling has slowed from it's KR cousin. I heard people mentioning that the leveling won't match up to the quests you'd be getting (I would assume this is because the exp gains had been slowed down. (maybe for testing)

For CBT2 I would recommend trying to raise the exp gains to see what works best.

- Increase horse spawn rates, or add new spawn locations

Since the game isn't live (And I haven't really played around with taming(Training) in the KR version) I can't really say if it's a good thing to have the horse spawn rate where it is. But I was an individual that took advantage of all of the horse spawn locations, and still had trouble finding horses sometimes (as I believe others did as well) This is only CBT1 imagine when the game launches and there are a lot more people to deal with, you might never see a horse spawn. (Even T1 horses because they are still training experience) 

For CBT2 may I suggest increasing the spawn time in all locations, and/or adding more locations for horses to spawn at (AND reflecting that in the game maps)

Darker Nights Please Keep them 

I love darker nights. I'm talking about everywhere and not only where the test is happening. It's my hope that you will continue to keep darker nights in the game. I want it to be dangerous to go outside in the wild at night. Whether it be bandits, other players, or the new-found strength of the monsters in the night, I want people to make that decision on whether or not to go back to a city for the evening. It adds additional depth to the game. Let the people complain about not seeing anything, we have lanterns that's good enough to see.

My only gripe about the darker nights is that when it's dark we can still see the fog in the distance as bright white light. Consider adjusting all of the graphic settings to reflect a truly dark night.

- If you want more people to be interested in the game at launch, consider adding Blader instead of Valk first - Just my 2 cents :P

That's all for now as I think (And remember) about more I want to say I will add it here :)

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Posted (edited)

I'd rather play Valk first. :P


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I'd rather play Valk first. :P


It was just a thought :)

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What level did you get to on your ranger? Its pretty bad till 41, one of the worst classes for levelling though it does ease up a bit at 20 with explosive evasive. However at 41 you get the skill Extreme Evasive shot, allowing you to animation cancel a ton and bounce around like a bunny. I would advise looking up a video of some high level gameplay or a guide such as Hakurai's on youtube to see what I mean. That might be the reason you feel such a large difference between ranger and other classes in damage. Another reason is that the classes released later such as Wizard/Witch were given stronger early games in order to allow them to catch up to the people who kept playing classes that had been in the game since release, and as we are now getting both those classes and the first classes such as Ranger at the same time, that early game weakness is now highlighted even more so.

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The reasons Archer have lower early game damage have been highlighted, so I wont touch on that too much but I will add: Don't you fret young Padawan, late game you become a bit of a beast that excels at, well, everything.


As for node management, I agree with you to a certain degree about having explained better, although there are a lot of external sites with all the information you would need. I understand the need for them to be a part of the actual game though. I don't think it should be laid out bread and butter style, it's detrimental to the sandbox experience in my eyes.


I wholeheartedly agree with your opinion on the Darker Nights, although I am not sure how I feel about it happening, everywhere. I think the further away from civilisation you get, the darker it should get. Much like how it happens in real life, less street lamps/ambient light.

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Once CBT2 goes live, i'll be updating this post to contain more information about my adventures.

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