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Yet Another CBT1 Feedback Post

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My CBT1 Feedback


I’ll organize things by topic to prevent rambling. It’s my first time playing this game (any version of it)


Graphics – Loved them. I was particularly impressed by the cutting of grass, the blood soaking the ground and stones, and the blood getting on my character’s clothing. I also enjoyed the sun shinign through the trees and in my eyes. At first that bothered me, not being able to see, but then it got me more immersed as I had to attack with the sun at my back to see better. Night might be a bit dark and the lantern might not brighten up the night as much as I’d like. Mobs can be difficult to see sometimes, even in the daytime. I enjoyed seeing my cat jump on my shoulder or on my horse as I rode along. Odd that my hawk and my cat shared the same shoulder. Also odd that my horse’s head would  go through walls (and other collision “bugs”).


Sound – Fantastic. I really like the horse music. It reminds me of getting on an airship in Final Fantasy games and feels really special.


World – I really feel this is a game world. I like the various buildings, settlements, towns, cities, etc. I enjoy the variety of NPCs just hanging around and like the idea of having to talk to them, gain amity, etc. It’s a social type of exploration that feels fresh. Likewise the idea of nodes and that you need to invest in the area along your way to max level rather than just see the world as a tutorial until the instanced content at max level and forget about the world. I hope the world stays just as relevant at max level.


Water – seems to be the forgotten half-cousin of the game. You can’t swim deep, or for very long, no water combat, nothing to see there, nothing to explore.


Traveling – At first, I was annoyed at the travel times as I was used to Skyrim or WoW or GW2 with instant teleports everywhere. However, I soon came to enjoy the traveling (or just alt tab away if I wanted to) and organize my play to travel around less. Truth be told, the traveling made the world feel more alive and that made it fresh to me. Certainly the auto run/waypoint system is cool, as long as it doesn’t get abused by players “automatically” running loops from one part of the world to the other just to level their stamina; same for eating(health) and strength.


Potions – The potion cooldown felt fine for me as it reminded me of Diablo 1 where the potions were just another resource to track. Didn’t do PvP, only PvE and it’s fine for that.


Names – Odd that family name is first. Probably an Asian thing but it’d be nice if it was changed to a LAST name for us westerners. Also, the family name should be unique but there’s no reason why the first name needs to be unique. See GW2 for examples of this working very well.


Keybindings – it’s great to be able to rebind everything. However, I’d really like if we could rebind combo/inputs as well as some of the combos are a bit awkward. For example, I bind the evasion key to a button on my mouse and having to press LMB+Evasion key to launch exploding arrows (Ranger) or bolt blast (Tamer) is very difficult to do and means forgetting about that skills. If I could bind it to, say, “F+LMB” or “LMB+RMB” it would be much easier for me to use.


Armour Dying System – I like how we can dye many aspects of the armor. However, my concern is with using up dye colours. If I dye an item with a colour, it prevents me from dying another item with the same colour, so matching colours will be difficult to get. I’d prefer a system like Wildstar or GW2 where once you obtain a dye colour, it’s yours to use as much as you like or perhaps for in game silver each time you dye an item. I also notice that you can change the look/durability of an item but whenever I chose a lower durability, it didn’t work and my costume looked the same as max durability. Is this just to show what it looks like when you take durability damage? If, so, that’s a neat feature so you can see on your character when you need to repair your gear. Otherwise, it’d be nice to have the option of customizing the “durability” of your gear with this option but it doesn’t seem to be working as is.


Character Customization – Nice options but I was surprised there were no freckles for the face or body (upper shoulders, upper back, upper chest, outer arms, etc). Also some classes seem aged-locked like the old Wizard and prepubescent Tamer. Some younger Wizards and older Tamers would be nice options.


Classes – 3 men versus 3 women seems fair but I hear that you’ll be adding the Valkyrie and Witch, 2 more women; what about the blader or ninja to get more men options?


RolePlaying – It’d be nice for the walk button to be a toggle option rather than a “press to hold” as it be nice in one’s house, or for RP purposes to toggle this and just walk slowly without having to hold down the walk button.


Energy system – this needs in game explaining on its purpose and what it’s supposed to do. Initially, I just gathered stuff and talked to everyone but once I lost energy, I stopped doing those activities all together, then slowly started up again but mostly had full energy at all times.


Deleting toons – Why must I wait an undefined period of time to delete a toon? I wanted to try more classes, or perhaps redo a class and I hated having to wait so long to delete my toon. Please change this; again see WoW, GW2, and others for examples.

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