Critical Screen Effect - Headache city. Halp!

By Jarak in General,
So I mostly used to play warrior and am currently leveling a ranger. Tonight while spanking some giants, I ended up getting a headache and feeling nauseous. I knew something was different and after watching the screen closely while fighting, I noticed that it "flashes dark" when you crit something (as far as I could tell). I remember reading a while ago about this effect in groups and I noticed it myself while grouping (which I havent done a lot). Im not sure why I'm just noticing it now on my ranger solo, maybe it was the lighting of the area I was in that made it even more apparent. And as a warrior, I assumed it was part of the overall effect of spinning slash/scars as they have 100% crit chance. I guess I'm critting more often with ranger now so I notice it more. Anyway, I've turned down all the camera effects in the settings to 0 but the effect is still there. Has anyone discovered a setting to turn this off? I can only play for a short time before I end up feeling sick from it. Or maybe its just me? Thanks
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