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<Flashmob> Edan-GvG-Siege-Crafting-Family Atmosphere-Life Friendly!

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About Us

We are a guild of like-minded individuals whose realistic goals include but are not limited to: GvG, Siege, PKK Justice, Arenas, Commerce, Crafting & Gathering. Okay, so basically we strive to be present in all areas of the game. Yes, every guild stakes a claim in superiority. However, the difference between us and a lot of other guilds is our collective mindset. We know who we are as a guild. FLASHMOB is NOT a multigaming community that will inevitably move on to the next big thing. We are a guild created solely for the purposes of BDO. We intend to stay and grow with BDO. We are a guild of real people. Our goal is to be a guild you call home; made up of determined individuals who know what, when, where and how to get the job done.


We currently have a good active core who play together and have fun nightly.  If we aren't out grinding together,  we are at least in discord chatting it up and having a good time.


Our guild's average playtime is between 5pm and 12am cst on weeknights,  and we have active members almost all hours on the weekends.  Guild kill missions are done nightly to encourage group grinding and character development,  and we do mass participation missions on Sundays and Wednesdays where we may do gathering instead of kill missions depending on the vote.  

We have jobs, spouses, families etc. and we don't expect our members to risk losing/sacrifice those parts of their lives to play BDO. This doesn't mean we are any less serious than a guild of players with no lives. This means we will be making efficient use of our time.

FLASHMOB is located on the Edan server; We spend most of our time in the Balenos E2 channel.


Respect your guild mates.

Activity (within the community(discord)  and your online presence in general)

Represent FLASHMOB in Sieges/GvG/Planned missions and events. (We aim to plan GvG declarations in accordance with everyone's schedule)

In regards to activity: if you are going to be Mia for an extended period please post it in the #off-the-grid Discord channel.

How to Apply

Visit our website: http://flashmobguild.com (work in progress)

Sponsored by an existing member (F&F = Friends & Family)


Post on this thread or pm me directly


Be kind and respectful to your guildmates

Put time & effort into the guild; result: the guild will put time & effort into you

Don't be shy! Let us get to know you. The real you as you will get to know the real us.

Lastly and most importantly, enjoy the game!

Guild Alliance(s)







We use Discord to communicate in and out of game. It is our primary source of communication, especially when it comes to events and announcements.

Discord is required. You don't have to speak,  but we encourage you to be in the voice lobby and  check discord regularly for events and mission updates.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon!




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Pretty girls AND a good community????  Can't go wrong here! 

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