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[Edan or Orwen] Looking for Guild

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Posted (edited)


Not relevant anymore.

Edited by Mimosa

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Hi Mimosa,

If you want to switch to Orwen, you should check out Gondor! Gondor is currently recruiting! Take a look and if we seem like guild that interests you, just let me know!


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Posted (edited)

Our group is mostly in the age bracket you mentioned. We have great conversations with each other and quite a bit of bdo knowledge we share with each other. We're open to all play styles and levels and would welcome you and your sister with open arms. The guild name is DuctTape, (we stick together, get it? Ha!) And you can whisper myself, Ashanielle, or our fearless leader Xtort. I will be on shortly and she is already in game.

Edited by Ashanielle

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level_opaque.png  <LeVeL> level_opaque.png

Server: Edan

Channel: Mediah E2

Voice Com Discord:  Connect me

TimeZone: NA,SEA,OCE

Members: 43/45

Guild Skills: Gathering +1 | Fishing +2

Currently Recruiting LvL 45+ to enjoy all the aspect in the game and have FUN!


What are we?

We are Casual PvX, Noob friendly guild , Drama Free, Focusing on Guild Life Skills to improve Trading/Cook/Crafting/Training/Fishing skills,etc. We are growing slowly where everyone can take time to know each other with steady economy. We will be doing the Events: Scroll Summoning as a group, Guild Bosses, *Guild mission regularly which will be organized by Officers, an many more.. *Please refer to our guild mission guidelines which will be given once you are in the guild


What we provide?

We have all the handy guides and help from Expert TOP Ranking members in the guild and as a new kid on the block We are working to improve ourselves and the guild. We offer structured High payout for guild contribution *Please refer to our guild mission guidelines which will be given once you are in the guild

So Give us a try!! B|  ▷▶ Join <LeVeL> ◀◁


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Hail Mimosa!  

We are on the Orwen server.

New OutRiders (NOR)
Website: www.NewOutRiders.org

We are a casual, mature, family-friendly guild that has been around since 1992 when it was founded in the game “The Shadow of Yserbius” on the ImagiNation network. NOR is active in several other games. We are excited to start a new branch of the guild here in Black Desert Online. We have a dedicated group of enthusiastic players looking to grow the guild and experience all aspects of the game.

“To have fun and help others do the same” is the philosophy that guides us and we are looking for more friendly, mature members to enjoy the game with us. We have a mix of veterans along with plenty of people who are brand new to the game. Whether you are a long-time veteran looking to be around people who love the game as much as you do, or someone new and just playing the game for free, you are welcome to join us.

What we offer:
* The feel and experience of a guild having the oversight and support of a core group of long-time MMO veterans, both for Black Desert Online and other games.
*Weekly events.
*Dedicated website with complete roster information, forums, event calendar, and more.
*Teamspeak 3 server with dedicated channels.
*Support for other MMOs. The friends you make here in the NOR branch of Black Desert Online will be with you as you explore future games.

The kind of people we look for:

Friendly, mature people (comfortable with a “PG” atmosphere) who fit within the principles that have served NOR well for decades. In brief, our principles are: 1) Have fun! 2) Help each other. 3) Cooperate as team. 4) Service to the greater good, group and guild.

Add us to your friend list, Family names: 

   Malkion = Maelestrom
   Ryland = Felygund
   Pew = TrUbalance

Server: Orwen
Gameplay: PvE and PvP
Guild Contact: bdo@newoutriders.org
Guild Website: www.newoutriders.org

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Hey mate!

Just leaving this information for you after our conversation in game.


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Looking for a new-player friendly guild to call home on Edan (preferred) or Orwen.

I'm only level 10 but I do plan to stick with the game to max level and join in on whatever shenanigans this game has to offer. I'm not new to MMOs but I'm definitely new to the BDO community (no previous knowledge of the game before picking it up).

I'm in my late 30s and looking for a guild where the average age range is on the older side too, mainly because I'm looking for like-minded people as I only have certain times I can play and want to be productive. I'd like the immature trolling and behavior to be minimal. It doesn't mean I don't troll from time to time, but not looking for it to be a main focus. I'm on the West Coast and my primary playtime will be evenings and weekends.

I enjoy gaming, getting on voice comm, being sarcastic,making double-sided jokes and innuendos (younger crowd sometimes miss the point), and have a sense of humor. I play to have fun and detach for a couple hours. I have a mic. I prefer Teamspeak, Vent or Mumble (not a fan of Discord).

Feel free to reply here for Orwen or send me a message in-game on Edan: Vonditzy on Serendia E1.

I'm on Edan at the moment and playing with my sister but willing to reroll (especially since I'm still low-level) to Orwen for the right guild.

Hi there! :)

Aureus Knights (AKS) traces its roots back to UO in 1997, with a formal founding 2006.  We're normally active in several games at once, and BDO is one of the chapters we're supporting!

Our BDO chapter has been running since the game's release, with our officers taking time to make sure we understand the mechanics of the game before we began heavily recruiting.  With that said, now that we feel the game has staying power (not just another flash in the pan game), we've begun looking to expand our membership by bringing in like-minded gamers.


  • ...are a well-run, well-established, and fun-focused guild
  • ...welcome players who participate in all aspects of the game - PvX, crafting, trading, gathering, all of it
  • ...support our members with an active forum, Mumble, and Slack chat to stay in touch and coordinate
  • ...are on the Edan server, yay!

If you're interested, you can check us out at http://www.aureusknights.com, use our official recruiting thread on these forums at http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/49675-aureus-knights-edan-server-pvx-well-run-well-established-and-fun-focused/, or send me a whisper in-game (family name KarmaBum, most common character name Gwenn).

Hope to see you around! :)

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"...being sarcastic,making double-sided jokes and innuendos (younger crowd sometimes miss the point), and have a sense of humor."

Thats pretty much the daily dose of our teamspeak on Knights Templar. Hit me up or get more info at http://www.knightstemplarguild.com


We are on orwen and require 18+ and teamspeak. 

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