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What resources (nodes) are worth sending workers to?

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I once had a lofty goal of not only connecting all cities into one node network, but also including at least one node for every gatherable resource.  With the release of Mediah that has become even more CP intensive so I think I'm going to back off of that plan for the time being (forseeable future).

My question then is, what resources are used in important recipes?

Mining Nodes:

Iron is obviously useful being the chief ingredient in Steel which I use to make Steel Gathering Tools (and I'm sure a bunch of other stuff).  Copper is used for Copper, Bronze, and Brass Ingots.  Tin is needed for Bronze and even if I don't want Bronze/Tin the only node I can collect Powder of Earth from is a tin node (also iirc Rough Red/Green Crystals also only come from Tin nodes).  Coal is needed for Steel, Zinc for Brass.  I'm not sure what Lead is used for so maybe I could drop that?

Forest Nodes:

Birch is needed for Fishing Boats, Acacia for Merchant Wagons.  I think I use a little Maple for Steel Gathering Tools?  Other than that I'm honestly not sure which woods are used and what they are used for.  I don't think I've ever used sap from any tree type for anything.  I know Monk's Branch is used in a fishing rod recipe but I'm not sure what else it or the Spirit of the Leaf are for.  Are any of the tree types not worth gathering because they're not used for anything (much)?

Excavation Nodes:

I'm probably going to keep all of these for the various Trace of <Xxxxxxx> they give - they seem like they might be important.

Farm Nodes:

G r a p e s are the only fruit node so I'll probably hold on to them.  Pumpkin/Olive/Paprika all count as vegetables so I'll probably hold on to 1 of those.  Potato/Wheat/Barley/Corn are all starches and I use them to make Beer as well as other stuff so I'll probably hold on to 2 of those.  Flax/Fleece/Cotton I use to make crafting costumes so I'll probably hold on to one of each.  Chicken seems fairly useless but if it's nearby it's probably worth using 1 CP to keep access open.


I don't currently have anyone working any of these nodes but I have in the past.  I assume these are mostly used for Alchemy stuff but I don't know if I need every different herb/mushroom or just get a couple of the "good" ones.

Thanks in advance for any good advice.  Would love to free up some CP so I can get my farm fence back and do a couple of other things.

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Posted (edited)

There are 2 approaches to nodes.

You either invest in nodes to AH all the goods for easy money


You invest in nodes to use the materials for your own crafting needs to not have to rely on the AH.


Giving you a straight answer of "investing into X Y and Z" is boring so I'll let you try figure it out by yourself, but I will give you a general idea on how you want to go about this.


First of all, track the AH. If you see that a specific good is ALWAYS out of stock or close to it, yet has a fairly large price - you WANT to produce this.

2 examples : pine saps, which are used to make a lot of endgame potions and Traces of Origin, which are used for gem polish, which is part of the "buzz" economic war currently - gemstones.

There are many, MANY more resources which are extremely valuable atm and always in demand. If you can find them and get those nodes running - you will make very nice income.


Secondly - crafting. This is more straight forward - you are aiming to craft a specific item, but the material is always out of stock. NODE THAT SHIT.


Also, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, discourate putting nodes on resouces which are abundant on the AH.

For example Iron Ore. Iron ore is cool and all,. but there is just SOOO much of it on the AH at all times, at a low price too, that you can straight up BUY all of it from AH and not lose any profit.

I hardcore grind processing, so I have a lot of nodes for materials which I could later process, but the vast majority I don't invest into and jsut straight up buy off the AH, cause it's just very cheap.


One suggestion is to actually make an excel spreadsheet where you count how much profit / day each of your nodes would make if you AH'd everything. Then consider how fast those goods would sell.

You will find very clear trends very fast :P


Happy investing ^^

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