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By Abby Normal in US Guild,
Greetings and HAIL SAGAN! This is a dot, you are that dot.

To you it is a significant dot. To the world at large it is of no importance. Now this is that dot amongst the masses in this game.

You are quite insignificant there isolated amongst billions and billions of others and their own insignificant selves. Do you want this to continue? This madness that your aspirations are to remain nothing, meaningless, and always at the short end of a stick. NO! You should not and will not take this laying down! Do you want to cause changes? Do you now want to be part of a new sea of billions and billions of red dots surrounding the blue dots of this game? Do you want to be a territorial sociopath, that seeks new things/places to raze to the ground? Then this is the place for you.

What do we do?
This is a balanced PvP/PVE outfit that will hopefully do Guild missions, boss grinds, etc. The Primary PvP goal is node battles. Just about anything goes. Since I'm starting this from scratch there will be some get to know everybody's strengths and weaknesses time before heading into battle. Do we have any role play goals? Only that the meek be eclipsed by our Grand Observer Sagan! No more shall we be lone dots! What Timezones? We are chronic insomniacs in the Central Timezone USA. It is not unusual for us to be spending a lot of time during Aussie hours. So anything in between is perfect. What Server? Edan. I'm usually in the Mediah channels. How dedicated do I have to be? This will be a semi-casual almost guild. Nobody gets kicked unless numbers get real bad. I don't want anybody to feel like they are on pins and needles. This is a game it is supposed to be fun. I'm going to make sure that that is the case. I also know that there are other games/anime/porn out there that warrant your time just as much as this game does. Due to the nature of the guild though, this does require some degree of dedication though. This is where the Jabber services shine through. It can mobilize an army with just one ping if all goes well. This works out great for people that don't want to be in voice comms all the time. As long as there is activity with others in the guild in some game or another, you will be fine. If this turns out to not be dedicated enough, I may be able recommend you to friendly guilds. Who are We? We will be a cross gaming community, make no mistake about it. Some people that don't play this game are out there playing other things, or are too busy with work to play BDO. I'm expanding this from a small guild right now. If there is downtime in this game, then off to Star Citizen Alpha I go, if I continue online adventures. There is upward mobility to be gained by some. Services we provide:
Private forums.
Mumble (voice comms)
Jabber (for out of game, out of voice comms. chat and activity notifications) EVERYTHING secured by SSL Certificates Requirements are:
You must be 18+ years of age. Level Requirements: None really. I'll snap up any 30+ but am always happy to help newbies develop if their heart is into it. Be on mumble for events/PvP
Be able to take a joke.
Be somewhat mature. Be on Jabber when you want to be on standby, or are available. NO IN GUILD DRAMA: Just ribbing for your pleasure. Who/how to contact for more info? PM me on the forum or Post in this thread. or Contact/add AbbyNormal ingame.
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