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[NA] Orwen, looking for a ganker friendly guild ( or members to found one with )

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This post has two purposes first one is to try and find a good home for myself and around 6 other people on the Orwen server. It’s a bit of a mixed group, a few that are closer to hardcore players and a few more on the casual side. Though as a whole we really like PvP and randomly killing people. (though we don’t camp unless it’s justified, for example you camp us or instigated the conflict ).


If we can’t find a guild that would be a good home then gather like minded people who would want to help create a guild with us. I have run RP-PvP guilds on other games in both leader and officer roles. The person I would co-lead with has been running a Mythic raiding guild in wow for over a year. So between us we have leadership experience. Again we would rather find a already existing guild then make one.


So here are some bullet points for what we are looking for or would like to create.

-Active player base, normal to have at least 20 people online during peak hours ( ideally more as castle sieges look awesome! )

-Castle Sieges and Node wars are a goal

-Obviously a guild fine with ganking

-Vent, TS3 or Discord for VOIP.

-People that enjoy a good joke and have thick skin but draw the line at anything truly hateful or racist. ( nothing turns me off from a guild faster than racial slurs )

-Events lean towards weekends ( we have a few weekend warriors )

-No strict activity or level requirements for entry, again we have a few people with limited play time just taking there time and enjoying the game.

-A group that can laugh off defeat. Loss happens, even more so if we are trolling / antagonising other players. Sometime somewhere we will piss the wrong people off and, likely justifiably, be crushed and camped hardcore. Just gotta laugh if off. ( If you troll or gank someone you have no right to Rage when people respond in kind )

-People whom as a whole simply like the game and want to enjoy it with a fun group.

-No Drama!


(-RP is a total plus to me! But I may be alone in that sentiment )


Please message me in game, Family Name Reugge, I’m normally on my tamer Azvala or post a response below

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Posted (edited)

Hi there! I think I pretty much have the perfect guild for you. We're looking to recruit more PvP oriented people, but even during off-peak hours we have a good chunk of people online.

Basically covers all your points!

Feel free to message or add me me in-game so you can catch me if I'm offline.

Family: Noblesse
Character: Evlien

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