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Newb Questions (random things)

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Well I made my first post over the weekend when I was waiting for the game to download on my mediocre laptop (which I came to find out struggles to play this game)... so tonight I'm finally at my house where my main gaming system is so I have the fun of waiting for the game to download all over again....


But from the 90 minutes played so far I have a crap load of random questions (which I'm not really expecting people to answer them all, but I'm using the theory here of "You never know unless you ask").....

1. Servers are broken into channels it seems, so does that mean if a guild is on a certain server I have make sure I'm also in the same CHANNEL (on that server) to be in that guild? The follow-up to that is  -- are channels on the same server able to communicate , group, etc. with each other? (I guess knowing the answer to the guild question kind of answers this one)


2. Granted my laptop was giving horrid combat performance yesterday so nothing was smooth....and I sound ridiculous asking these questions but I figure while I can hide under the "new guy" status I better take advantage....how do you target/aim for your opponents in this game? I mean particularly when you are in combat with multiple enemies how do you quickly cycle through them to attack each one? 

3. In most games I'm used to holding the right mouse to move the camera around so I can see what's around me -- well obviously in this game RMB is an attack, so how do you look around AND move at the same time (or better yet fight at the same time) in this game?

4. Everyone keeps talking about various stats like AP...I think i understand energy and contribution points but is there a site that has ALL these stats laid out and explained in one place?


I have TONS of more questions but I'll stop for now.....I'm probably already pressing my luck. lol





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Posted (edited)

1.) You have to be on the same channel as the person that's inviting you to the guild. After that, it doesn't matter what channel you are on. Channels are simply different instances. From what I've seen, Guilds choose to operate on one channel mainly, so that all their members are in the same instance. But it isn't a requirement to be in that channel to be in that guild from a game mechanic perspective. There is a channel chat group shared between each version of the channel (each channel of the same name is differentiated with a numerical designation, but they all communicate in the same channel chat).

2.) You aim with your mouse. The game has an assist function, but I'm not sure if it works in PvP. There is no way to hard-target a mob. You simply guide your character with the mouse.

3.) For the purposes explained above, it would be extremely difficult to try and move your camera around as your fighting, and it would cause you more problems than it's worth, but when your character is in animation lock from an attack, moving the mouse will continue to move the camera around the character as they perform that move. So, as far as I know, there's no way to fight and move the camera around, since so much of the combat is directional based.

4.) AP is Attack Power. DP is Defense Power. If you press P in game, it brings up your profile. Most have hover tool-tips that will explain what the stat is/does. I know you can't see your Accuracy in this game, which is why there are specific gear builds to ensure you reach a base cap that's been decided upon after thousands of tests done by the community theorycrafters. To get more information about the information listed in your profile, when you bring up P, look for the Question Mark in the upper right hand corner of the screen, right above where it lists your playtime. This opens the wiki information about the My Profile screen and goes into depth about the stats.

Edit: Spelling.

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Posted (edited)

1) you can communicate across all channels. you need to be in the same channel for doing stuff together tho, like leveling in party or doing guild missions. if you aren't in same channel, your contribution to the guild mission will not count, even if you complete the required task.

you can change the channel quickly (basically makes you relogg and login to other channel), there is a 15m cd between channel changing

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