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While it's true that people like pvp just to fight other real people, another reason is the lack on interesting pve experience, especially pve combat, monster AI development has progressed very little over the last 20 years compared to other parts of a game. Mobs in most games are nowadays perceived as easy progression to get to the end game. No matter how realistic the game looks, mobs are always far from any sort of realistic behaviour, even small mmo like Ryzom tried to go a bit further but unfortunately failed as the game was lacking in many other areas. While there are technical barriers when trying to pass a lot of more sophisticated behaviour through large scale authoritative servers, there is definitely room for way more advanced pve combat, if there are developers willing to bet on raising the bar instead of focusing around the usual money making aspects of pvp features and use pve as a filler or nearly so.

I hope we get to a point were more complex algorithms can give a boost to questing, dialogues, world generation and so forth. Like quest generators that can create unlimited quests and create sentences themselves, stories based on patterns, dialogue with audio generated through a more sophisticated multivoice siri/vocaloid technology, music, world and item generation like No Man's Sky, tools to give users the ability to create new items themselves and a market to sell creations as well, like second life, sony playerstudio.

Imagine to live in a planet sized world, where every thing you do has value, where internet is fast enough and low latency across the globe and full authoritative server is possible, where you can buy and sell what you produce through a cryptocurrency, where you can move around through full VR like Virtuix Omni + Oculus + other tools (probably better if they market all of that under one brand as a bundle and make it cheap enough for the masses)

Get Hello Games together with Linden Lab and a few really good people from Blizzard and a billion dollar budget between all of them, there you go, you have got the dream team to create a polished ultimate open world experience that would last for years and finally enter into the real next generation mmo.  

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A lot of weird stuff (shortened to keep my post at a reasonable length)

Whatever you smoke, I need some of that.

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