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This game is very satanic

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Posted (edited)

The parties in heaven will be a lot better than what you can imagine on earth. We will be there soon in about 5 months or so, probably after the war breaks out. Get saved by Jesus today.

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Posted (edited)

So going into the lore, the first thing you realize is that there are a LOT of parallels between the Christian bible and this game. What's worse is we are not on the side of good, but quite literally helping the devil himself get more power. Let me explain:

In the lore, the dark spirit was 'cast down' into the now called black desert. Much like Lucifer was cast down from heaven. [Proof of this is Jordine's vision of a bright light shot down from the sky and landing into the desert]

We know there are multiple black spirit entities, but we the players serve the main spirit. AKA Lucifer. [Yes, I know the ending, But without saying any spoilers, the issue with Jordine is probably a power struggle between dark spirits.]

The Ancients of the lore built a massive tower full of black stone, the moment it was erected, all the black spirits awoken and savage races went crazy.

This is a contrast to Babylon in the bible; A massive tower built by the people at the time.

Valencia began trading black stones with the people of the west, not realizing they were planting the seeds of evil throughout the nations

It's not much of a surprise that once the black stone was traded, a plague began to break out.

The black death ravaged a lot of the land, I theorize that the black spirits played a crucial part in this because they knew it would discredit the church.

The church realized this and revealed to the people it was caused by trading Black Stones with Valencia 

Of course people got angry and got ready to attack Valencia, but when they got there, Valencia was effected with the same plague.

For some reason [Forced plot pushing?] everyone blamed the church even though the church realized the black stones were causing these issues and were trying to address them

But over time the Leaders of Mediah began to get corrupted, taking all the black stone for themselves. I no doubt think this was due to the demonic influence the black stones bring.

Now out of nowhere, a massive amount of natural disasters start to take place, Tidal Waves, Sandstorms, Heavy rains, Earthquakes. This caused the savage races to migrate.

This prevented the nations from communicating with one another. [I have a theory on this since the parallel between the bible and this game is strong. In the bible, when god divided the nations and made them speak different languages, he was stopping the corrupt nation that was being led by satan himself. The reason Babylon was building the tower was so the devil could invade heaven. Like we see in the bible, the same is happening now; Splitting up nations to prevent a completely corrupt society]

Regardless during this time, we have a massive power grab for dark stone from ALL nations. It's obvious the dark spirits planned this from the beginning. They give the nations power, but while they do, they attach a string to each person to control and manipulate each nation.

Finally, a mass amount of strangers [players] appear out of nowhere. I don't have a complete theory on this but it's obvious we are 'slaves' to these dark spirits. We are literally stuck in a contract with him and he's stripped our memory so we can't decide against him.

It's clear this game is promoting something dark. Our characters quite literally serve the devil and we do all we can to make him more powerful. While it appears the black spirit is trying to help us, he's only hiding his true intentions. Every enchantment we give him is more power to the 'main source' of these black spirits. We're helping the devil wage a war on heaven.

I hope you found this read interesting. I know religion is a touchy subject but we have to realize how dark this game really is and question everything.



THERE ARE OBVIOUSLY THINGS I'VE MISSED. So please, if you have something to add to this, please do.


I do NOT care about Religion, Race, Politics in game and I do not even want to discuss these topics in game. So I don´t care.

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Were not in game. Some people might care about the kingdom of God, eternal life and salvation from hell. I have come to show them the comparisons. I suggest you take heed because God will be much more terrifying than I am.

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