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Started out in the wrong region (NA)

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After contacting your costumer support about two weeks ago and then being redirected to another department I have yet to get a response from, I'll ask again here for some help.

I understand that I made a mistake when I first started out playing this game, but I am an active player that have put quite a bit of cash into my account and I hope that I can get some assistance in my issue.

So when I started out playing Black Desert Online about a week after launch, I downloaded the client and began playing. I grinded my way to 50 on a warrior, and I bought both pets and a costume for him. I joined a guild late, and began playing with them. At this point I was under the impression that I was playing in Europe (I shut off channel chat because of all the bots and arguing players early on). After playing with the guys in my guild for a while, it came to my attention that I was playing on North American servers. I didnt realize why my PvP-life wasn't going as I hoped and I found out that I had roughly 175-200 ping. I played up another character after this point, thinking that they hadn't released the game in Europe yet - but then I found out I could change through the cogwheel on the client. Testing it out on Europe, I found that I had 20 ping and my game experience increased in value. 

My issue though, is that I have invested a lot of money into my characters on NA, as well as time. When I spoke to a GM, he wasn't too interested in hearing my plea and turned me down without really showing interest in my dilemma. I want to support this game, and I want to see it succeed for sure - that's why I still invest my money in the Pearl Store on EU having changed over.

I have about 3000 unused pearls in NA at this moment in time, as well as multiple pets, costumes and inventory space/weight unlocked. I understand that it will be difficult to move my characters from NA to Europe, and I understand that I might not get my costumes refunded or moved either. While I don't love that, I'm fine with it if I can at least get something with me. At the very least my unused pearls.

I really hope that this message isn't also ignored like my last e-mail.

I would also like to thank you guys for the amazing job you are doing with this game, and I hope to be an active player throughout it's lifespan. Thank you in advance.



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Still no response from marketing or anyone else, how long does this usually take to be addressed?

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Ok, now I understand why I wait 5 days already with no answer.

Seems the support is not the strong part of this game. 



I posted already two support requests but didn't even recieve a confirmation links so I wrote a mail as well.




I can't change region from launcher menu.
I did tryed to download and overwrite new exe from your support topic but it doesn't work.

problem 2 (that might be connected with problem 1)

I have created un account and registered my family name once.
After this, when I loged in again I had to create a new one since the previous one wasn't there anymore.
So I did.

After this I have changed my pc and when I logged again I had the first family name back again(but not the new one I created after)


I created a character, played till lvl 10

At next log in, this character wasn't there again but I had back the second family name I had to create before.

I couldn't swap regions tho.

I created new character on US server. ( I live in UE)

I play this one till lvl 16 now, still can't change region.

Now, I wish to keep actual family name and maybe character but need to move to EU server since I live in europe.

All my friends are on Jordine server, where I wish to play even if I'd have to create new character.


No reply yet from the support and time is going...


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I feel you, man.

I love the game, for sure - or else I wouldn't have invested as much time and money into it as I have, but I do wish they would be forthcoming and assist us in matters like this.

Especially when one branch directs me to another branch, I shouldn't have to wait for months to get help with my issue.

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