PVP karma maybe solved Just add Jail system

By Selvaria Bles in Suggestions,
(Cleaner Version) short notes if you don't want to read wall of text lol 1. people that are concern about pk karma  will not have to worry about item dropping or gear dropping instead when red and get killed go straight to jail 2. reducing karma: Staying in jain do task while in jail will speed up the process of karma reduction or what lineage 2 did was kill mobs to reduce your karma or not sure if they will do this (pick up a quest for a sin eater which you level and when you return him depending on the level will reduce your karma by a percentage. 3. players that try to escape jail: need help for friend/guild with a boat bring back pk player to main island to  kill mobs to reduce karma but if caught and killed return back to jail
Before people bash that there already one a system like this in place, i am fully aware of the patch for KR version and its Jail System however, they never stated and we are not sure if we will get this at launch or month down the line. my suggestion i'm implying is to have Jail System at launch from the start. PVP/PK from what i read they have increase the level to do these types of activities in game to level 40 or 50 so by that time people will have Boats already been built. Okay now to my Idea/Suggestion, how the PK/Karma system that i have come up with that will solve the issue.it is a mix of Lineage2 and Archeage. So as you all know in Real Life criminal that commit crime are sentenced to jail, depending on that crime will decide the penalty. Like the KR version jail system they have in place in Valencia, my suggestion is to apply throughout the map instead of one area so have two area that have a jail system, one area in the water example Alcatraz  (far from main land i’ll explain why) and one in the desert sulfur mines. I am sure some people want to PK at times but have the concern about  accumulating massive amount of karma caused by being  greif by other player to abuse the karma system which in result have items breaking or being drop. my thoughts was  instead of worrying about gear armor/weapon/accessory just some item in your inventory dropping like potion ect. and once killed while red you just go straight to jail no option to respawn to node or town and do your time or try to escape. Example: in RL jail you lose your items but when you leave you get your belongings back intake after you finish your time served Like in linage 2, if the both player initiate attack 1 attack 1 try to defend  both go purple if anyone of the player dies like in lineage 2 no penalty or karma, however if said player PK without the other defending pker goes red and if red player gets killed before reducing karma/getting rid of red tag player will not drop/or break items instead goes straight to jail area to do time or try to escape. The Prison if they approved of this as a idea, is to place prison in the middle of ocean like Alcatraz, now i know Archeage had something similar to it but they allowed players way too easy to escape, from summoning boats and a small debuff however,  for BDO (this is where being social/guild helps)  since the NPC to summon a boat on the prison island you won't be given accesses to that option unless finishing your time. if however, you wish not to spend time in prison and want to go out and reduce your karma yourself in order to escape the prison in the water players will need the helping hand from guild/friend  for someone to summon a boat and ship you away. Once you have escape you will still be red but karma is reduce by a (little or not at all depends on DEV)   only way to reduce truly reduce the karma like lineage 2 did grind mobs however, if you are caught by another player if you kill him before he kills you increase of karma but if get killed by that player you go back to jail, which the player the help you from the prison island will have to bring his/her boat back and bring you back to main land again. for those trying to help break prisoner this method for some will be annoying but if you can't do the time it fits the crime =)
For those deciding to stick with it in prison, staying in jail will remove karma fast even faster when completing the mini game set in place. depending on how many times you kill a player will increase time spent in jail for example, kill once maybe 5 min or 10 can only leave if you finish your time or if the player had 20 kills timer last 1hr or longer or depending if this gets approved by devs time may change. thank you for read the wall of text if you have any critsiim or could change it to imporve it please explain your opion or ideas to debate so it maybe improved
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