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Ranger and PvE

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Posted (edited)

Hello, I would like to comment on the ranger's pve playstyle right now (Mediah patch)!

Even though my english does not suite the english community I would appreciate it ,if you read it all^^

I would like to start by comparing my lvl 52 Sorc and my lvl 55 Ranger.

Ranger: I had a lot of fun grinding through the endless grind until I hit lvl 55 and noticed how long it would take to hit lvl 56. Therefore I stopped at lvl 55 due to the chain-mana-potting and the missing ability to fight medium strong mobs 1v1 (waste of manapotions and I would have to carry more than 150 manapots )

-> Yes , I am already using the "Magic Crystal of Infinity - Extraction"

Sorc: !I dislike the ,in the future, upcoming awakening! but the easy grind with s+lmb made me continue playing Sorc. Her damage is insane, 2-3 shotting skeletons at Hexe Sanctuary and selfsustaining mana&hp-pool without using any potions at all! (The selfsustain works via Q while attacking with s+lmb(reduces casttime by 70%) and using bloodpool every 40 sec--
This works so efficient that I usually only carry 50 potions for PvP!)

My sorc stats: 123ap/158dp 5castspeed,5 Crit ,4 movespeed.
My ranger stats #Edit#: 125 ap/158dp 5AS, 3Crit , 4 movespeed

I honestly would love to play ranger but compared to Sorc it is way too weak in pve.
I am requesting a buff for Ranger:
**Make back the Umbrella nerf (I can't grind abandoned monastery with umbrella-shot anymore even though I became a lot stronger than before the nerf)
**Lower the manacosts overall.. I only have 616 mana and shotgun needs about 150 mana per use (not useable for singletarget with this manacost)
**Let the Ranger recover stamina while using Razor wind

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I am requesting a buff for Ranger:



You already play the most OP class in game.

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IMO attack speed > crit when it comes to ranger, then again i have 5 for both >.>

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