Here I am on this day off wishing I could spend 500$ on the cs

By Epeenephrine in General,
Was excited to finally have a day off and play bdo for like 5-6 hours today.   I already have grunil +15 all pieces and krea + liverto +15 talis all. Rings only duo amd ogre ring 0. Was hoping to buy a couple 100 black stone armor to get a new set and maybe upgrade accessories to tri but there is ZERO OPTIONS on cs to help with this.   Once we bought the costumes. 200$ worth of tears. Max inventory and weight. Pets and some breeding resets there actually nothing on CS WE CAN CONSTENTLY BUY.  CS needs to be reviewed and updated for the 47% of community that wants to drop cash on their character   Respect one another, God Bless you all. fixed and edited for my dear friend Major
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