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Horse Taming issue. & a Suggestion or two. . .

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I am having trouble catching even a tier 2 horse. I know I am new too the game. However I have watched about 10 -12 Taming vid's. 
I have followed everything too the letter. As far as making sure I am of the proper level's. My character is level 21, My training is at level 9 beginner, 4 levels above the minimum level  of 5.

I have cooked up about 30 lumps of sugar and I have spent almost ( 200k in silver ) on the capturing ropes. So far all the ropes have been wasted on failed attempts. 

The problem I am having is stemming from the mini game mechanics. 

1:   The vertical slide bar that goes up and down only  " once " and then the rope is used up is moving way to fast. This needs to be Slowed down about 50%. It needs too be  more like the fishing slide bar and give multiple attempts.

2:   The red zone on it that shows where you have to be to get a good result is a little small. For as fast as it moves

3:   The horizontal bar where you have to spam the space bar constantly, needs something that indicates when the horse is about to rear up. So that the player has time to stop spamming the hell outta the space bar. So that the horse doesn't break free every time. (  This could have a certain element of RNG too it ). But it breaking every time is a  " Pain in the _ _ _ . " 

I can only hope that as my training gets higher It will become easier to catch a " Wild horse " of ( any tier ).


As for my suggestion's.

1:    It would be nice too be able to train a horse how too " Swim ".  Instead of it just drowning in deep water.

2:    It would be kewl too be able to breed horse's and Donkey's  together to get mules. Mules are usually larger stronger and more evenly tempered. as well as more sure footed.

3:    I would love too see " Draft horses " in the game and " Irish War horses ". Both of which would have to be stronger and larger then a regular riding mount. All 3 types Draft, & War horses

       as well as mules could have a higher weight limit.

4:    As for the taming of horses it would be nice to be able to bait them in too increase a successful chance of capture. Things to use could be a bale of alfalfa, a bag of oats, and a bowl of    apples. 

That is my .02  for now I am looking forward too being a part of BDO and help to make it a better game.






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Hey, after you managed to catch the horse and then walk on to it, wait with hitting space until it raises up, then spam space... thats how you win the minigame... after that walk to the horse... if it raises again spam space again... until you stand infront of the horse... then give sugar... it might hit you but then try again... 

me and my friend created this video today maybe it helps you :)


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