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Special Boss Hunt Equipment

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Posted (edited)


i like to suggest to you some ideas to improve both guild-scroll and world boss combat.
Similar to the now deactivated formations, i suggest to add items, that buff players attacks or debuff the boss for a couple of seconds.
These items can be consumables and/or specific "bosshunting"- equipment, such as Dragnets, Staggering Ballistas or Harpoons, that debuff the boss for a period of time.

Why and what i want to change
World Bosses are great content for cooperation of a large player base. They already come together and coordinate engaging bosses one at a time, making it a fun player managed sandbox event. But we all know, that Melee classes have a hard time engaging the Boss safely with Its unpredictable changing of targets and fast hits. While it is possible to evade, if you focus mainly on evading, rather than dealing damage and being lucky to not get caught by server lag while in dodge, it is neither to much fun nor is it effective, taking away motivation to engage in the first place as a melee.
Many mid-and highgeared melee players simply avoid bosses, because both recklessly fighting and taking into account being killed repeatedly or playing safe with very little chance to deal damage is simply ineffective and therefore no option.
With special Boss Hunting items and Equipment I want to draw more people to participate in these Boss engagements, by giving them an option to act as a supportive role, that debuffs the Boss on hit, making their actions count, even if they can't or won't deal damage. This should draw in more midgear people and freshly made endgame players, who want to dip into boss fights and learn with a bit safer approach, while still playing a crucial role in engaging and beating the boss as a group. On top of that, high Damage Dealers, who focus on fighting the boss directly get rewarded with higher chances to survive through the support of the others. Motivating both Mid- and Endgame Players for a Boss fight. 

A group of 30 people is fighting a world boss. Some players are undergeared or maybe lowlvl melee, that can't engage as effective damage dealers. These players could engage in a supportive way by:

  • either bringing some consumables like a dragnet or slingshot, that has to be shot or thrown at the boss, decreasing movement speed by 1% or 2% for 5 seconds. This debuff is stackable to a specific max amount of 20%, so that a coordinated and simultaneous dragnet-attack of 10 people will effectively debuff the boss for damage dealers and other melee fighters to approach in a safer way.


  • or by equipping themselves with a bosshunting weapon (boss-harpoon, chainshot-ballista, etc.) which they have to swap with their main weapon, like a hunting weapon or fishing rod, making them unable to attack the boss directly. These items do have a greater, more efficient or reliable debuff against the boss, such as a chance to stun/stagger or decrease attack speed of the boss for a period of time. These debuffs shouldn't be stackable, so that a more coordinated approach (players cycling one shot at a time) is needed to be gain efficient results.

Items (consumables and equipment)
Note, that consumables are rather mid-gear items, that can be bought for a relatively small amount and also be stacked up, if you can manage their high weight (weighing 3x a Large Potion). For example:  A Lvl 45 Berserker doesnt have the hunting profession skill or money to buy/use a boss-hunting weapon and can't do much good in engaging the boss directly. He still can manage to buy about 30 dragnets, until his weight limit is exceeded. he now can stay in a more safer ranged reach and effectively decrease the world boss's movement speed by 2% for 30seconds, given that he manages to aim and hit every single throw. Having 10 more players doing this, the boss has an optimal decreased movement speed of 10% for 30 seconds. 

BossHunting Equipment on the other hand is high to end game equipment, which has some more effective, but high cooldown and nonstackable debuffs such as decreased attack speed, attack strength or a short stun/stagger effect, based on the kind of equipment (different weapons for different debuff types). These items can be harder to obtain and have a high purchasing price, making it more like an endgame profession to serve as a supporting BossHunter.

Totems can be planted, just as imps and other mobs have their support totems. Why shouldn't we use our own? ;) Based on the Class each can buy another Support Totem, which he can plant with a very high cooldown. Also, these totems can be destroyed by the Boss, so a good spot not to far away to be effective, but also not to near to be destroyed has to be found.

Examples for Items and Buffs

  • Consumable: Dragnet (decreased movement speed) / Trap (immobile) / Slingshot (stagger)
  • Bosshunting Equipment: Chainshot Ballista (Stun) / Harpoon Ballista (decreased AtkSpeed) / Big Hunting Rifle (decreased DP)
  • Player Support Equipment (Purchase Based on Class) : Healing Totem (healing or Increased HP for a period of Time,purchasable by wizard), Protective totem (Increased DP for a period of time, purchasable by valkyre,warrior class) War Totem (Increased AP for 10 sec, purchasable by Berserker Class) etc.

Bottom Line
I hope you liked the idea, just as i liked the original approach of the formations (that are now deactivated), which where great in their basic thought, but just to hard to pull of, one reason being that they just took to long to activate, and lasted to short to be effective. There is actually more that i could add, but i think you got the overall idea already and maybe got inspired in combining the hunting profession with bosshunting or using already implemented content like copying some of the hunting animations and actions (players holding chainshot-ballista like the already implemented hunting rifle).

the debuff types, items and %amounts obviously are just thought up freely and can be changed how you see them fit. this post is only described in detail to give you an idea of what i am missing in this (and any other multiplayer) game.

Best wishes for your studio and thanks for reading

Edited by Karylles
added link of a well done boss fight

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not to be mean, but it wont fit that game... we dont need another mmo-rpg-hacknslash-themepark...

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Posted (edited)

well, I was all about getting away from hackandslash.  i actually despise hackandslash and never played mmos because of the silly combat system. its because of the decent action combat in BDO, that made me play it. and i see this as an extension of this combatsystem.
its funny, that you think it sounds like hack and slash. i would love to understand your view.

you think the boss fights are good right now and more a rewarding action combat system, than sometimes unbeatable hackandslash? 

Edited by Karylles

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