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{Character Bio} Ryushiro Hazuki - Ryushiro

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Name: Ryushiro Hazuki

Name Meaning: "The White Dragon"

Nickname: Ryu or Shiro

Date of Birth (& age):  31, Born under the sign of the Black Dragon

Place of Birth: Amatsu

Gender:  Male

Species/Racial Origin: Human

Mother: Yunhuwa Hazuki, "The Dragon's Flower". The daughter of another clan that the previous leader took as a trophy. She fell in love with the son of the clan leader’s brother. Eventually she married him. As a child Ryu’s mother took good care of him and taught him how to use the sword.

Father: Raikou Hazuki, "The Thunder Fist" head of the Hazuki clan. Know to be a benevolent leader, He led the clan away from it’s war like history. Unlike his predecessors he only resort to violence when there’s no other option. Ryu looked up to his father and strives to follow his footsteps. He spent his childhood learning from his father. How to lead and how to use a bow. 

Siblings: None, was an only child.

    Tetsurou - He saved Tetsurou during his teenage years. From then on Tetsurou followed him and after seeing his devotion to protecting another even when he had little to no power. Ryu finally accepted him as a student. Ryu sees him as a friend and as a student.
    Naoini   - He helped her and her siblings escape from their pursuers. He sees her as a younger sister and treats her as such. He trusts her to do the right thing and do so in an efficient manner. 
    Minamiki - Younger sister of Naoini. He treats her like his own younger sister. He gets along with her and spoils her quite alot. Much like the other siblings he personally taught her how to fight. He is overly protected of her due to her tendency to get herself in dangerous problems.
Social Class: Raised in a war like society. He learned to be a kind and humble leader from his father and mother, differently from the rest of the warring clans. He was suppose to be the next head of the clan until it was completely annihilated. 

Community Status: Arriving in a new land his name and in turn his clan's name is not well known. Thanks to the effort of his Friend and follower who went ahead of him at least a few cities know of them.

  Eserynel Oakwood - Met each other when she and one of her companions asked him if they can set sail with him to visit an island. Then after they spend a lot of time relaxing, often seeing who can catch the most fish.

    Akikazu - A Hawk he found abandoned when it’s parents were hunted and killed. He Raised the hawk as his own, forming a deep bond with it. Since then they have traveled and grown alongside each other. 
    Hayate - His father’s Hawk, he was sent by Raikou to warn Ryu about the attack. Task with protecting him in case of the event that he is gone. He has since then kept a close eye on the child as he grew up to be a man.

Physical Description
Height:  5’11”

Weight:  135 lb.               

Hair: Long black hair tied in a ponytail reaching down just under his shoulder blades. The ends changing color to silver. 

Eyes:  Golden Yellow iris that his Clan is know for.

Dexterity:  Ambidextrous, Usually seen using his right hand primarily 

Tattoos:  Has a Dragon tattoo on his left shoulder down to his left arm.



Detailed Physical Description:  
  Years of daily training has left his body's muscle toned. He isn't particularly tall, to him he's pretty average. At times when looking in the mirror he can see a resemblance to his father. His long black hair is as dark as his father's but he can see his mother too from the silver ends much like his mother's silver hair. 
  He often ties his hair back in a pony tail, leaving some bangs hanging on the side. He keeps his bread shaved but it grows quickly. When angered or serious 

Typical Clothing/Equipment:  He wears the common eastern garb. Honoring both his mother and father he wears their family colors White and Yellow. He chooses to use lighter armor to limit the affect to his mobility. 

Sailing (Average), Fishing (Average), Horseback Riding(Skilled), Mounted Combat (Skilled), Swimming (Average), Animal Husbandry (Average), Hunting (Average), Archery (Skilled), Swordsmanship (Skilled), Smiting (Average), Cooking (Average)

Color: Silver
Season: Spring
Animal: Hawks
Food: Fried Noodles

Least Favorites
Color: Purple
Food: Seafood
  Training - He strongly believes that to better one's self one has to train consistently. 

  Blooming Cherry Trees - During his childhood he spent the start of spring with his father and mother watching the Cherry Trees bloom. One of his most cherrished memories from his childhood

  Fishing - While he has an extreme dislike of seafood He quite enjoys fishing. Not a fan of the smell either. What he really enjoys with the act of fishing is the quiet relaxing nature of the act.

  Unhonorable Acts - Violence and Death but there's a time and place for such actions.

Goals/Ambitions:  Rebuild his clan and to bring it back to it's former glory.
Mantra: “Your blade is your life treat it well and it shall protect you in turn.”

  Heightened Reflexes - After years of training and practice he is able to perceive time slower giving him time to react better.
  Hard to forgive - He can't forgive those who have done him or those close to him wrong easily. 
  Uncontrollable Rage - Due to his past he can sometimes lose himself to his anger. He has since kept it under control but it can still show itself in occasion. 

  -  Will help others if they seem like they need it.
  -  Has to practice every morning otherwise will be easily irritated. 
  -  Treats every woman like his sister.
  -  Drinks tea consistently.
  -  Eyes glows a bright golden yellow when angered or serious.


Sexuality:  Never considered him self as anything other than Heterosexual.

      Home schooled by his parents. They taught him etiquette, combat, math, literature, and all he needed to learn to be able to survive. To him the most important thing they had taught him was how to lead and be humble. He watched his father deal with the other clans, how he picked to negotiate rather than using brute force even if they know they would have overpowered the other. He watched as his mother help the women of the clan like she was one of them.
      Even after their death they still taught his an important lesson. Even if you are strong there will always be some one stronger than you. Never be caught unaware. Learn everything you can about your surroundings and about the people who are around you. 

Languages:  Speaks the Eastern Dialects. Learned the local Dialects of Balenosian, Calpheonian, Mediahian, Serendian, and Valencian during his travel.


   Dragonhawk - Founder and leader of the new found Guild. 

   Hazuki Clan - Remaining survivor of the original clan and the current head of the reformed clan.

          The sole survivor of a clan of warriors. During his coming of age ceremony their village was attacked by a wandering band of mercenaries. Returning to the village after the ceremony he was struck by grief that quickly turned into rage when he saw what has transpired. His family, friends, all of them murdered, desecrated. Their honor tarnished. At that moment he swore vengeance. For the next years he hunted the mercenary outfit. Never missing a day to train and hone his skills. He visited areas there where spotted in, interrogated previous employers. Finally after years of searching he found them. They where hired to harass the nearby village into giving up their land. He went to their camp and challenged them all, none survived the slaughter that ensued. His vengeance complete he expected the void to be filled but still he felt hollowed. The village offered their gratitude before he left.
          He traveled for another few years helping people on the way as practice. A village wanted to rid of a problematic child who has been stealing their supplies. He accepted with the exception of that no harm would be done to the child. They agreed, explaining they just want him to stop stealing. He searched the area and found the child. Only several years younger than himself. Seeing the child he could help but feel some pity on him. After taking the child to the village to discuss what to do with the child. He suggested that he can take the child with him. They accepted his suggestion and the two left the village. During their travels he began to teach the child swordsmanship. As he watched the void he felt slowly filling. He remembered fond memories of his time with his fellow students learning from their master. Reassuring himself he decided to rebuild the clan.
          Years later the two are traveling down a road. The child has grown into a young man. Claiming to be his follower/clanmate. As the two passed a forest nearby, a young lady rand right into him followed by two other children. Behind them voices could be heard. The young lady embraced the two children as the voices grew ever so closer. From the forest comes five rough looking angry villagers demanding him to hand the three over. He turned to look at the young lady holding the two children tightly, glaring at the villagers with defiance. He stepped between the villagers and the young lady when they stepped forward to them. He asked them to stand down and to let the children go. They refused and attacked him. He took them down without drawing his weapon. The villagers ran swearing they will find them. He patched their wounds and prepared to continue on but was stopped by the young lady. In awe of his abilities she demanded he teach her how to fight. He refused and left. As they walked he noticed the young lady and the two children following them a distance away.
          They followed him for a few days. During which he learned that a town nearby had a revolt against the family ruling over the area. After hearing about this and the description of the family he connected the young lady following him as one of the family's children. Later he confronted her in private asking why she wants to learn how to fight. She answered him with determination, claiming she wants to protect her remaining family she had. He accepted her answer and made her his student. In later years when the two other children grew of age he also accepted them as his students. Slowly his making steps to rebuilding his clan.
          During their travel he had heard of a new land to the west. Curious he decided to have a small expedition. He and his new found family began making preparations. His first student volunteered to go ahead while the rest are making preparations. Weeks later they are ready and boarded a ship to cross the ocean. He and his family landed on the beach near a town called Olivia.



PS: Thank you to Windamereto for letting me use Mailea's Sheet as a Template.

Edited by Ryushiro
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Awesome Bio! very interesting to read,

Just curious, what server do you play on? ^-^

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Nicely written Ryushiro :D 

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we should totally rp together I have 4 characters all of them on Uno yeah too far into the game to be like herp a derp transfer to orwen server 


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we should totally rp together I have 4 characters all of them on Uno yeah too far into the game to be like herp a derp transfer to orwen server 


Would love to. Send me an invite.

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cool i just sent you a friend request


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