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Active/hardcore gamer looking for guild or gaming community, i don't pvp

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Hi, I'm an active player - currently on Uno but willing to change and start over to join an appealing community - I'm looking for a mature guild or a gaming community that spans across multiple games, not limited to mmorpgs (18+ and able to comfortably joke around with each other without being easily offended, yet mostly polite and helpful). Specific requirements would be daily/weekly boss scrolls, guild missions, Not requiring me to participate in PvP and partying up to farm monsters for items or exp. Discord is heavily preferred, your own forum/website would be nice if you're a community that's in other games and I'd like to know which games your members are active on. 

I'm mainly focusing on PvE related content and fishing, however I'm willing to do everything, and eventually will, once I join feel free to ask me to do things.

I'm still pretty new to black desert (been about a week now) and I've learned a lot about it - however there are things I don't know so you'll have to bear with me while I learn the finer details. I've hit level 50 on my main char - sorceress, have 3 level 30 alts and wealth of 50million and a bit, last slot will be a tamer probably as a placeholder for kunoichi class coming next month (fingers crossed). Feel free to ask me about anything else you'd like to know, be it about my black desert experience, other games or just me.

More about me:

18, 19 this summer, live in England, I Play A Lot. It's not uncommon for me to be online for over 12 hours in one session. I started playing with an American friend I made on another mmo, so I play on the American server - due to real life commitments they no longer play and I have no reason to start over on the European server. I am usually online anywhere from 11am to 3am (so 5am to 9pm cst), or even later, so unless I have other plans I'll be available for anything as long as I'm told in advance. I used to have an online name I used for everything (I made it when I was 12 and used it for almost 5 years, it was terrible) I moved away from it recently but haven't come up with a new one so when I can I use my name - Colm, otherwise I use nonsense words (like my sorc character name Zinchy) which would be why my names seem random and stupid, I'm working on it. I watch anime and tv shows (have seen all of the walking dead and lost, getting around to breaking bad and game of thrones), listen to pretty much all music and will play almost any game. Yet despite loving learning in depth mechanics and seriously complex gameplay I've never gotten into a strategy game. Up until February I pretty much only played 2 online games for 9 years, and I'm currently hunting my next addiction. I'm enjoying black desert but I don't see myself playing it for more than a few months - unless the kunoichi class wins me over or more appealing PvE content is released - which is why I'm primarily looking for a gaming community to join so I can play different games with the same people.

I'm a pretty serious gamer, despite being a very laid back person, I love learning mechanics of games and min/maxing (maximizing efficiency in everything) in most games I play, the depth of mechanics, variety and complexity/difficulty is usually what makes me stick with a game, as well as how interactive combat and other skills are and how much there is to do. I haven't done much other than max efficiency in levelling and gear/stat setups in other games and solo content usually just as a challenge, most of which being for personal enjoyment. While I love strategic and efficient play I also have moments where I like to slack off, in black desert I've taken a liking to fishing in particular.

 I'm looking forward to finding a group of people I can enjoy black desert and potentially other games with - please respond here with any info you think I should know (related or unrelated), otherwise just state who you are and what you do. Thanks for reading my ramblings!

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Prey is the #1 fastest growing guild in Edan server for the end game PvP contents.

We are currently recruiting players who likes to beat the sh*t out of other players.

We don't mind if your level and gears are low as long as you have strong mentality.

If you enjoy bringing pain to those -----y players in big guilds, Join Prey.


No carebears allowed



1. Active

2. Team Player

3. Tough skinned and strong mentality especially when PvPing.

4. No drama / Be nice to Guild members / No Racism in the Guild.

5. Discord 


If you are interested feel free to message to below.









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If you roll on the Edan server we are a PVX guild, but we wil not make you do anything you don't want to do. So it's okay not to PVP. We have discord as VOIP.

Recruiment thread:



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Mate if you're looking for a good bunch of guys who are active and love exploring the game then come chat with us on Discord.


we're mostly based in Oceania, so expect convict accents.

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I saw that you had some other replies too, but I feel that Ethereal Gaming is just the right fit.

We're a multi-gaming community not just based in BDO, but in League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, CS:GO, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and Smite as well. Once you're apart of our community, you're free to play with any section you wish!

You can check the community out at: http://www.ethereal-gaming.com

For our BDO clan, we're called Serenity on the Edan server. We are a PvX guild looking for active players. If you'd like more info on the guild itself, check out our recruitment thread! http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/76013-serenity-na-edan-pvx/

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me here or in game, my character name is Allysya :)

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Posted (edited)

hi all thanks for responding, I have read and am still reading all replies so keep them coming, will talk to one or two of you in 2 days or so :)

This is mainly due to me having posted on the European guild forum as I do sometimes get small lags on American server (deciding to join a guild on a different server would mean I'd have to start over so I'll be making a careful decision)

Edited by Colm

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Posted (edited)

<Revolution> is recruiting.

We are looking for PvE AND PvP players level 40+ (45+ for PvP*)


* Looking to hire an Officer that is pro-pvp and in charge of pvp matters.  - 1 slot available

*We are looking to join/form an Alliance on UNO server.


Server: UNO

Channel: Val U1 - U3.

(Subject to change based on channel stability / how crowded the channels are)

Focus: PvE and PvP


We are a mid sized guild (60/70 members)

Only two rules 1. be an active player 2. do guild missions to help guild grow

Contracts given.

Discord (optional) link is in the Guild Tab description. If you don't have a mic or are shy, you can just listen and type.


If interested "add friend" or whisper either of the following players for invite: Corsix / Zaszu / Gllda_Aisha / Epona / Starr

Edited by Corsix

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