Young(er) wizard?

By Lethanael in Wizard/Witch,
Hi guys, I've looked through several threads and on Google, and I only found contradictory info about the customization of wizards. Some people say a young male in BDO can't master magic because of some mysterious lore that I haven't been able to find on something else than unreliable sources, and others say it's utter crap. (And even if there is lore about that, couldn't your character be a special case?) Some others say it should be possible to customize a wizard so he looks a lot younger, others say we won't be able to do that. I really want to play as a wizard, but not as an old geezer. I find it hard feeling badass when I'm worried about the old bones of my character. And yes, there are younger wizards that kick ass. Henry Dresden. Howl. Young Merlin. Rogue (RIP Alan Rickman). Etc. Anyway, is there some way of knowing if it is possible to make a young wizard, or if it will be possible to change the appearance to a younger one later on? (TBH, if he looked like 30-40, I wouldn't mind that much.) Cuz if not, I fear I only have two options: playing another class or trying to customize a witch so she looks like a young 12 year old wizard boy, lol.
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