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[New] PVP system idea

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1. PK Mode:
There are seven kinds of state: Pk, Team, Peace, Capture, Revenge, Guild . Click the corresponding button; you can switch between six modes.


PK: Slay monsters, team mates, guild members and other fellow players indiscriminately.
Team: Slay monsters and other players, but not your team mates or guild members
Peace: You can only slay monsters. You can't kill other players at all
Capture: You slay monsters as normal, but you can also attack known criminals (murderer players with red or black names)
Revenge: Slay your listed enemies, monsters
Guild: Slay monsters, the players in your enemy guilds


2. PK Points:

 Once you kill a player, your PK points will be increased by 10 points. The more players you kill, the more PK Points you will accrue. But if the player you killed is on your enemy list, you will only gain 5 PK points every time you kill him/her.

However, your PK points will slowly decrease, as you play the game. Every 6 minutes you spend in-game, one PK point will be removed. The color of a player’s name varies with their number of PK points. When you kill red named players, your PK points will still increase. When your name becomes red or black, the system will warn you. When you attack white /red name players, your name will flash blue, and alert others that you have recently attacked others.

The Relation Between PK Points And Colors of Names:

White Name: 0-30 PK points.

Red Name: 30-100 PK points.

Black Name: Over 100 PK points.

Blue Name: Once you attack white/red name players, your name will flash blue, for 5 minutes

3. Punishment:

If a red-named or black-named player is killed by other players, some of their equipment may be detained by the system. Should that happen, they will need to pay (price is half price of maket) silver to redeem their equipment, and the paid amount will be awarded to the player who killed them. If the detained equipment is not redeemed within 7 days, the equipment will be given to that player as reward.



Black-named players will be arrested and taken to the PK Jail when killed, while red-named players will not. There are 2 ways for black-named players to get out of jail:
a. Pay 15,000,000 silver to the NPC, who sits inside the jail.
b. Wait till the color of their name turns red, and then can get out of the PK Jail for free.


If your equipment is detained by the system or you've helped detain a black-name player's equipment, you can open your Inventory or find the Confiscator to check the detailed information about the equipment that is detained.

NPC: Confiscator


After your equipment is detained, find the Confiscator and pay the Silver fine to redeem the item. The amount of Silver you need to pay is determined by the level, quality, bonus level and sockets of the equipment:


If you can't redeem the item within 7 days (till the 7th day 24:00), then it will be awarded to the player who killed you.
Players who have detained a black-named player's equipment can see the Confiscator to receive the paid fee, or claim the item as a reward after 7 days.



Just an idea. B|

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