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guild ARCHON [RPPVX] [Orwen]

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disclaimer: you do not have to participate in PVP if you do not want to, however keep in mind during guild wars you could be killed.

r6OcERe.pngFounded out of realization of the cruel manner of the world, Archon hopes to embody the pinnacle of what it means to be one solid unit. Although on the outside the group could at first seem cruel and heartless, on the inside they are nothing more than a no-blood-ties family group. Each member has their own reason for joining, and all members are equally respected in their own right. Archon has not existed as long as other organizations, but it hopes to route out the bad and corrupt of the world and help those that truly need it.

The founder of the guild, Eistire Ardwen, knows all too well the hardships of life. She hopes by creating a good cause with morals, that she can at least try to make the world in which they live somewhat of a worry-free place. Not only that, but she strives to make sure the generations from now do not have to feel the pain that many have gone through.



What is Archon?
Archon is a heavy roleplay RP-PVP guild based on nullifying threats to the major capitals of the world, and in doing so, protecting those that cannot protect themselves. They can technically be classified as a mercenary guild, as they will typical opt to do the thing that garners them the most pay. However, Archon have a set of morals to abide to, and will not senselessly evil. For this, they are Chaotic Good. Though that doesn't mean people that are not 'chaotic good' are not allowed in the guild.

What are the in-game requirements?
I (Eistire) tried to keep this as minimal as possible, but as you read more you'll understand the basic requirements for certain guild ranks and so forth. To join the guild, your character must be at least level fifteen. You must be active, and most definitely tell the officers and guild master when you are going to be absent. Other wise, it is not required that you PVP, and if you like, you can simply focus on the RP aspects of the guild.

What are regiments? What are the three animal heads in the poster for?
Regiments will be explained below, but a brief summary is that your character will be sorted into a regiment that fits them best. (E: Warriors, Valkyries, Beserkers would be in the Ground Regiment, etc). The three animal heads, left to right, portray the Scout regiment, the Cavalry regiment, and the Ground or Knight regiment.

Where is Archon located primarily?
Calpheon O2 on Orwen, typically between Calpehon and Heidel in game. It will vary!

Anything else?
If you are to focus on the PVP aspects of the guild, it is required that you install discord. You do not have to have a microphone, but you must be willing to listen to instructions and strategies for optimal badassery! Also having discord helps with roleplay events. We'll have an RP channel if you want to do some RP or catch up on news, shh.

Can my guild ....
If you have an inquiry about guild alliances, rivalries, or just RP stuff, hit up the Ardwen family!



Contact an Officer:
Eistire (Family name: Ardwen).
skype: isolte_wings

Ricar (Family name: Pecilin)

Apply for the Guild:
Click HERE to apply!

If you do not wish to RP, please specify.



Archon has three set regiments for the members within it, although there is a fourth regiment specifically for officers and high ranking members. These Regiments are as follows:



Sigil: Griffin
Regiment Leader: To be decided.
Typical Classes: Ranger, Tamer, Musa, Maehwa
Requirements: Character level 15+

When within dangerous or new territory, Archon in whole relies on their diligent scouts to report the landscape and enemies to them. Scouts are highly respected individuals, and are typically few in number. They also fill the role of support when it comes to long distance missions, often flanking the other regiments and fending off dangerous foes while they make their journey from point A to point B.



Sigil: Horse
Regiment Leader: To be decided
Typical Classes: Warrior, Valkyrie, Beserker, Musa, Maehwa, Witch, Wizard
Requirements: Level 20+, Tier 2+ horse; horse must have one of the following abilities: Fore Chop, Hind Kick, Charge, Roar, horse must be equipped with stirrups

The Cavalry have a rather obvious purpose. Upon the back of horses, these fighters provide well needed combat support in haste. In dire combat situations, the cavalry is usually called to come help clean up or disperse the adversaries. Not only do they do well in protecting and helping the rest of Archon, but they are often used as grand escorts for trade caravans. Cavalry make up the second layer of protection for the inner travel group when they are traversing from point A to point B.



Sigil: Bull
Regiment Leader: Ricar Pecilin
Typical Classes: All classes
Requirements: Character level 25+, must have a mount and have decent AP\DP for your level.

The Militia regiment makes up the bulk of Archon. Those of the militia can come from any background and be of any profession. They are a combined force of fighters, healers, long range warriors - be it bow or magic - and most importantly, a strong bond and purpose. During journeys or fights, the Militia is often in the middle of the regiments. When an ally falls, a Militia member will take their place to defend and defeat any and all that oppose the group in whole.



Lovely heraldry clipart from HERE!
Post divider found in one of my folders, credit to the artist who-ever they may be.
Other graphics by myself!



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