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Black Desert World Championship

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Would be nice to see if not on the website atleast in the game.

PvP/PK character statistics when you can see your amount of PvP and PK gained.

Top 100 rated PvP players

Top PvP guilds (summing up PvP points of all guild members)



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I guess it would be more like national championship, but you get the idea. PVP 

It would be cool if we could have a structured ranking system evolve into an tournament. After all, BDO has some of the best PVP for an MMO to date. I want to see top tier PVP ranked players fight for prizes. It should be structured and streamed annually. 

e-sports are a thing now right? We could make BDO a trend setter for its play style. 


Well one of the problems with E-sports/MLG is that they are very picky which games they support its worse than tossing a coin IE: most MMOs they do not support. Look at GW2 over 50million Dollars and no telling how much Dev time was spent out of Dev budget, to try to make a E-sport out of it and it flopped. 50million dollars dev time could have been used else were to make a better game. Now I do not know if the same would apply for Black Desert considering its been out for a year and 1 month ruffly. But basically you need to let e-sports come to your game and not try and force it.

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I made a post talking about this, check it out, I think there's some good points made and ideas too



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Posted (edited)

Yeah doesn't Blade and Soul have an annual tournament? I thought that was big in Korea for a bit. Maybe that would get the KR pvping again.

See? Look how excited those Koreans are to be pvping. They should be playing BDO instead. 

Yea, Blade and Soul is extremely popular here- especially in the competitive scene. But, Black Desert Online will never make it into the competitive scene until major balances and tweaks of the game are worked out. At the moment, Pearl Abyss has been promoting multiple BDO arena tounrmanents and giving awards to winning ranked teams. They are also trying to rework the main hands to be similarly poweful as the awakenings, and adjust the balancing of the game. PA said many times that they want all classes to be equal, and not one largely stronger than the other. With the push of promotion for PvP Arenas, and the re-balancing stages now being released slowly, it is possible for BDO to become more competitive. Black Desert is pretty popular in Korea, and a lot of players have returned because of Bless's failure. But, it will take a bit of time before BDO is ready. 



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