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[Suggestion] Dynamic/Periodic events

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Hello everyone,


So, having experienced the game on Russian beta and our CBT 1 i felt like the world needed a litlle something to be more... lively or dynamic. here's my suggestion, Dynamic events!

Having some events periodically or player triggered might be a nice addition to the already breathtaking world we have. Some ideas? here you go :

- Locust invasion ! once or twice a week help the (selected) farms to get rid of the locusts or any plague you throw at them, with some rewards like lowered taxes in case of success or less workers/ higher production times when it fails. (only on concerned nodes)

- Local Hero! You got muscles? skills? prove it! Every month, for a week the arena of your nearby town is hosting a contest to know who's the boss (or not), challenge your friends, guildmates, random adventurers or worst enemy, defeat them all and be the Hero of the city! Rewards could be a temporary in game title and some ca$h, and of course glory fame and women.

- Farm frenzy! Purely random event. Cows or *insert any mob you want* have gone mad and they crave for blood. YOUR blood. kill'em all and start the biggest BBQ ever! rewards? karma and food!

- Dude where's my horse? twice a month, a random Stable Keeper will loose some of his horses and you will have to get some for him, but he's broke and he need LOTS of horses to keep his business up, run to your favorite wild horse spots and start taming. Rewards? horse related items (carrots, free rename/appearance change/skill reset) and for the best ones maybe a high tier horse!

- Dark Energy! Player are using so much black spirit rage it starts to corrupt the environment. Monthly, a random mob tribe gets corrupted and starts attacking nearby villages at night. Have no fear and fight back. Protect the villagers at all costs. Rewards? blackstones my friends, blackstones.

- My guild is bigger than yours! Monthly, guilds can enter a contest. Who's got the biggest? for a selected period of time, you'll have to declare war, take nodes, do activities and show off how cool your guild is to win. Rewards? guild items, guild funds, guild mounts.

- Enough is enough! Player triggered event. Some mobs are tired of being murdered and they start to channel dark energy to summon their god, and that god is NOT happy. Basically it's a field boss spawning every X millions of selected mob kill. Reward? Loots!

- Drop dead gorgeous ! Hey! you got the swag? you have style? show it! Monthly event to see who's got the looks. Rewards? Dyes, costumes.

- BDO cribs! Once in a while event (forum based?). Like the show, Your house is the star, Biggest score = Win. Rewards? Furniture, cash shop furniture set.


Thats it for me, any thoughts/comments/flames? you're welcome.

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Another thing i would love to see is that gm's can spawn bosses in the world which they can controll. So let's say twice a week a gm can spawn a boss and start fighting players :D

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