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[Orwen, RP-PVX] Scrye recruiting

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How long? 

How long are we, as a people, going to be robbed?  I don’t mean our possessions, our things or homes.  I’m talking about our culture!  Our soul as a people!  For too long have we been robbed of our past by those seeking to profit from it.  To use it to exploit others and deny us a piece of ourselves, and possibly the answers we seek.  Not just what we want to know, but we need to know! 

    Our past helps to shape our future, and I ask you, what sort of future do we have if we don’t even know that past? 

    My organization seeks to conduct archeological investigations.  The difference being what we find will be shared.  We will not look to profit and the dangers we face will not befall others.  Wherever it takes us.

    We swear allegiance to no country or religion, we operate without borders and while we’ll respect the territory we’re in we are independent of them.

    I’m looking for people to join us in our work.  Researchers, archeologists, protectors and workers.  You’ll be paid and if you desire an education in some field or another we can provide, we will teach you.  No matter how basic or advanced if it’s within our power to do so.  Your station in life doesn’t matter and determines nothing, it’s your abilities and your character that are important. 

Seek me out or leave a message in Heidal at my office, street nine, house three.  

Together, let us take back what we’ve lost.

Mission Statement


  • Study ruins of the ancients, decode their languages.
  • Learn the origins of the Black Spirits and their purpose, if any.
  • Discover the correlation between them and the black stone, and possibly black magic if any.
  • How did the ancients deal with the above?

Sub Goals


  • Investigate occurrences of possession and magical corruption.
  • Develop more efficient ways to combat creatures such as undead and safely exorcising the possessed.

    We are not an order of inquisitors or knights, nor swear allegiance to any specific nation or faith.  This is an independent organization.  Any like-minded person will be welcome with the intention of developing a wide skill base within the organization.   One must be willing to work with others of various backgrounds and skill sets.



Hey everybody,

This guild is about having fun and stretching your creative legs!  We want people to be comfortable, get everyone involved (no matter how shy or loud you may be), and to grow together. Its one thing to roleplay together, but as you probably know, its even better when you feel like you can talk freely and goof off in guild chat.  We'll be exploring serious themes and have regular serious plots going, but don't make the mistake of thinking we're as serious as all of that.  We are 18+ though, just incase. 

Things we'll do:

  • Weekly GM'd plots where we paint images, play npcs, narrate and work with whatever our people's characters throw at us to see where those plots go!
  • Run plots and mini plots involving relics and other (roleplaying) resources
  • Horse races (Crawl races too?)
  • Run a plot involving your character's background (which is best if you agree to play an npc for someone else's plot)
  • Group up and do pve challenges (like no armor or use unenchanted weapons or box an elite troll to death)

We have experience with:


  • Decades of roleplaying experience, both from tabletop game systems and from mmos
  • Running RP, PvE, and PvP guilds in mmos from EQ 1+2, to Warcraft, Aion, to GW2 (and many more)
  • Community management - we're level headed and can handle conflict
  • Eating tacos and sharing cookies (that second one is pretty hard, but we made it)
  • Art and artists: we love art, both making and exploring, and we're totally onboard to do commissions for events or occasional rewards
  • Writing and literature - We're roleplayers, duh! We do a lot of writing and some editing outside of our RP

We're looking for potential members who are or want to get creative, are easy-going, respectful of all people, and people who want to build a community and interact with others.  If this fits you and you want to offer yourself and your roleplaying to a group of people who will gladly welcome you, come on!

PM me here or on Enjin at Ravrohan, or my in game character name Basir, family name Kinsaeda  or Einkasur (family name) for any questions, meetings or sign ups!

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Scrye now has a website to call home on enjin! :d It's still very much a work in process, but the forums are pretty much organized and ready to go. There's also a place for those who aren't members but are affliated to post their bios, to make it easier to keep track of who we interact with. I'll start a thread with just a simple list, but the bio forum is there for any details you feel like giving.


So come check us out, leave me some feedback and say hello! 


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Good luck out there, the night is dark and full of red names!

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