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Alchemists, is there a yet to be discovered way to randomly upgrade crystals?

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Posted (edited)

Under alchemy knowledge, under low-grade crystal fusion there are 3 knowledges: excellent opportunity for change, terrific opportunity for change, and infinite opportunities for change.

At the alchemy station, there are listings that correspond to the same 3 knowledges insinuating that there are recipes associated with them.

In the database under the description for green crystals and on  the knowledge text in the database for the 3 crystal fusion entries, it says,

"The properties of unused Magic Crystals can be altered through Alchemy, but there is no way of knowing just what type of Magic Crystal will be produced as a result. There is a small chance a Magic Crystal of a higher grade will be produced."

It looks like there is a random way to try to better a crystal.  I checked the Korean wiki and the knowledges for crystal fusion are shown but no recipes.  In the Japanese wiki the first 3 lines that correspond to the 3 crystal fusion entries are blank,  they just left them out completely.  

Is there a secret way to throw crystals into the "rng" to change their type with a small chance of upgrading them with a yet to be discovered recipe, or was something partially implemented in the Korean version of the game and that partial implementation passed down to us?

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idk is something i didnt add to my list

but i need to solve too, maybe something related with empty crystals


so you do a random crystal and depending on result you got that knowledge...opened many threads about this but never saw answers or recipes :(


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