Server Configuration

By PM_Jouska in General,
Greetings, Server Configuration has been a topic of multiple discussions across several threads.  This has lead us to two threads with varying solutions, and in turn uneven votes across the various polls.  To remedy this I have started this thread and the attached poll to serve as a single outlet for this discussion and provide a consolidated area to leave your constructive discussion.  Attached you will find three polls, you are welcome to vote on each to provide feedback.  In regards to Dynamic Channels, this is a concept to allow for additional channels that are turned on and off automatically as needed to facilitate the players online.  As an example let's say that there are 5 channels; each channel is at 80% capacity.  When this happens an additional channel is activated, and once the total population online falls below the threshold the additional channels are closed and players still in it/them are relocated to a remaining channel (along with any workers in the channel with them).  Dynamic channels is not a feature available in any region currently and is just a concept, hence why it has a stand alone poll.   Clarification When I refer to "Region" I mean NA and EU.  Previous Discussions  
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