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crash to desktop Crash to Desktop after Splash Screens

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Ok, I am not getting a corrupted file message or anything. I patched this morning for Valencia and started the game and got the 2 splash screens and then it closes and crashes to desktop.I did this several times. So I came here to see some fixes, I dont see any really so I decided to try the steps to fix the corrupted files as seen below:

Please try the following to resolve the issue:

  • Make sure you have enough free disk space on your HDD/SSD (30-40gb for installer - another 30-40gb for the client)
  • Delete the UserCache folder in "Documents" -> "Black Desert"
  • Delete the Cache folder in your game installation folder.
  • Delete the service.ini in your game installation folder.

To attempt a repair you just need to do the following.

  • Go to the Black Desert Online installation folder. (Usually C:/Program Files(x86)/Black Desert Online)
  • Rename the following file: version.dat to config.filecheck
  • Restart the launcher and it will repair your game files


This did not work either. Please help!

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I am quoting myself from another topic concerning launcher freezes.


Being many users are NOT suffering from this issue, there is a conflict someplace on the afflicted PC's. The most likely culprit is Windows Defender/Windows Firewall/Other Antivirus software. (Something nearly all PC users have in common). Please try this exactly as it's written, also keep in mind if your patch is freezing mid download it's most likely your networking card or your CPU being overloaded. Freezes don't happen to a few hundred out of millions of people because there is a bad file. You'll get the bad file, and it'll break your game. However your launcher freezing IS NOT from a corrupted file. You will not suffer any issues from a corrupted file being downloaded through your launcher. You will not feel those affects until it is complete. You could have any number of poorly configured networking card issues - Many networking cards will just cease to function if too much information is sent to them at once e.g. a single large file. Look up a guide to configuring your networking card as nothing the GM or the company has done would cause your launcher to freeze.


Look through the steps and causes, ignore the defense of the innocent in this case GM I was referring to. If your launcher is freezing something is causing it on your machine. The networking card/or your CPU/Your OS. You're not getting a corrupted file, you're getting a freeze because something on your machine is locking up your launcher. The most likely culprit being your networking card hitting a file it can't download. You will need to go to your device manager, open your networking card - right click properties and you'll have to google a guide to configuring it properly. There are a bunch of settings that will cause your card to cease functioning correctly when dealing with very large files. If your networking card is locking up because it's overloaded/being shut off to save power or for whatever reason it's stopping function THIS WILL FREEZE YOUR LAUNCHER.


Other reasons your launcher can freeze are because of your OS, stopping it from functioning for a myriad of reasons. Most notably anti virus software/firewall. There is not one size fits all fix other than making sure you've configured your networking adapter correctly, making sure windows isn't freezing your launcher because of network resources.

You were trying a fix for obtaining a corrupted file when you were not having this issue. Hence it would not work. Keep those instructions, as you might end up with a corrupted file anyway.  

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